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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Network USA (SCINetUSA)

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    I like too what Chips suggested.


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    How come an Italian has made more money to the effort than the Jim foundation?

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    Wise and Jim, put in some umbilical stuff and name it ‘UCB-birdnet-US’

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post

    We have a logo, what do you think?
    Any suggestions as to where we should advertise?

    This is the website where people will learn about The Spinal Cord Injury Clinical Trial Network USA (SCINetUSA), and contribute.

    Like the website?

    The SCINetUSA website is being redone now.
    Jim, the logo RAWKS!!!...I love it. I think you have something here that is both simple, yet easily identifiable. I like the website too. I am going to try to have this logo embroidered on my pack. I try to get out in public as much as I can and I have found that people approach me all the time, so this will be a good thing to end a conversation with.

    Scott - You are probably correct about the cards. Your suggestion warrants further discussion and I, for oe, find the cost to be reasonable. Good idea.

    Momo - I am in a tourist area too (Ohio Amish country, so if any of you find your way here, let me know...I know the best restaraunts!!) I think I'll make a few stops once the cards are ready. I know of a couple SCI Amish people who have businesses as well.

    I am so happy to see that some people have kept thier hope and energy alive...this is NOT the end folks...we MUST keep fighting and working to do our part.

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    That campaign is a great idea....excellenty job to everyone that had a part in it.

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    Great Job!!!

    Can a Paypal account be set up? A few folks that I forwarded the link to made that comment, and I thought it myself.

    This kind of things works best if it is as painless and enjoyable as possible for people to donate. Paypal account holders only need to click on the link, enter in their email and password, and donation is made. Just an idea!

    Thanks for all you've done!!! It's fantastic.

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    I had my credit card set up for regular automatic monthly payments. If you use Paypal they will probably deduct a fee from your donation and you'll have to "manually" make a monthly transaction.

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    Paypal's 3% fee is similar to what credit card companies charge for transaction fees (varies slightly depending on the card), FYI.

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    Sorry it took me so long to respond, I had to pick someone up from airport and just got in.

    Chip, great idea about the business cards/flyers to hand out, and also display at businesses as momo suggested.
    Glad you like the logo, Scorpion, a CC Member designed it for us.

    clj, I'll look into setting PayPal for donations.

    Keep the comments/suggestions coming!

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    Is any thing on Facebook?

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