Now I'm all for paying my debts, but there are some times when you simply can't do so. In regards to student loan discharge and disabled vets there are new rules that apply to disabled vets.

In the past, you had to get doctors letters and signatures on letterheads that were intrusive and often summarily dismissed by the DOE and any agengies handling collection of defaulted loans. You no longer have to get doctors signatures, or any statement from any medical personnel.

The new rules state that you only have to have a letter from the VA stating that you are either 100% service connected P&T, or 100% IU service connected disabled. You can use the original decision award letter from the VA that states you are 100% P&T or 100% IU.

Any payments made on those loans are supposed to be returned to you from the date of the award letter from the VA. If money has been deducted from your disability checks as an offset it is also supposed to be returned to you from the date on the award letter.

This new set of rules only apply to student loans taken out before your date of disablement. Be sure that any correspondence you have with either the Department of Education or any collection agency acting on behalf of the DOE is done ith signature and return receipt requested from the post office for your protection and of course keep copies of all such correspondence.

I hope this helps someone.