After reading all the posts on problems with the bowel routine etc., I have decided to tell our story about the Malone Procedure. Our son is now 22, injured at 15, and had the Malone Procedure done in December. It is truly the biggest improvement in all of our lives. He can now be independant, (He is T7) and the surgery went off without a hitch. He stayed one night in the hospital and had to wait a couple of weeks before using the new method. It has worked great, it is a very thorough cleaning of the colon and we have not had even one problem with it. He works and goes to school full time and I am sure the peace of mind is giving him more confidence than we can imagine. We stumbled upon this procedure while considering a colostomy, and we are ever so grateful to have found the right doctor to perform this surgery on him. There are no appliances to wear on your body with this, he inserts a little tube into his belly button and hooks on an I.V. bag with 600 ml of warm water, a little salt and a little glycerin. When he is not using it you would never be able to tell he had anything done at all. The belly button looks completely normal and there are no signs of any surgery having been done. I know there are some horror stories on here about this procedure, and I really felt the need to get the word out on our story. It has truly changed the dreaded bowel routine, and we are all thrilled with the results. If anybody has questions, please ask. When I think back to using the magic bullets I shudder at the way we used to do things. This is a life changer for us and I hope others will read it and maybe use the information to make their own lives easier. We live in Ohio and if anyone needs more information on doctors etc., please let me know. Sorry for the long post but I felt like this needed to be said. : ) Thanks.