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    Service Dog

    So we are thinking of getting a dog, mostly as a family pet and a warning system for predators (lots of cougar/bear around). However the local breeder we are considering (german sheperds) is also a certified master trainer and we are considering trying to train the dog to perform a few tasks for me. Primarly picking things up, alerting/finding help if I fall, etc. I'm not sure what else.
    Anyhow, I'm excited about this - we are going to see the puppy tommorow! <-- the one listed as "light green male"
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    Emi, he was very cute and I am jelouse
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    Aw, he's cute. It sounds like they will train/help you train him, but I bought some books, Teamwork and Teamwork II about training service dogs. My lab is older, and we haven't done much. Mostly teaching her to get out of my way (didn;t realize that was an issue until I spent time w/ my Mother in law's dog, who is totally oblivious to the fact that my chair actually moves .... I have to literally bump into her to get her to move) Move something on the floor out of my way, walk nicely next to the chair and open the door for herself (a double edged sword there .....). If and when we get a younger dog, I plan to do a bit more.
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    Good luck with your new puppy. I LOVE German Shepards. They are so loyal, smart, and will protect those kids and you very well. I miss mine a lot. BTW, he is adorable.

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    German Shepards are extremely smart and as said loyal. Your biggest challenge will be the first couple of years while you have a supercharged puppy.

    We were worn out from having terriers so we wound up having two Newfoundland dogs in a row - each reached age 11, our 2nd one was adopted at 6 after a show career. We selected the breed because although huge (think black St Bernard) they have very low vigor, meaning general need for activity and are also gentle. We found we could walk both of ours from the wheelchairs just laying the leash across our laps. Neither of our Newfies cared much about other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc. So no surprises during the walk. The only time I ever had difficulties with control was at a Civil War reenactment when a cannon went off just behind us.

    Our 1st Newfie we had from puppyhood learned some service dog like tricks. He was trained so that whenever I said, "What would happen if a handicapped person dropped their keys" then threw my keys across the floor he would retreve them - but only if I had a little velcro tab on the keys as he did not like the taste of metal. He would also daily retrieve a dixie cup from the top of the bathroom sink for a dog biscuit. If the cup wasn't there he would bring the wastebasket as it was shaped the same but bigger. If you wore a baseballl cap he would remove it from your head while you were sitting. He was self taught regarding this trick.

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    As a owner of German Shepherds of many years, I also would consider a Shelter/rescue dogs. You can find purebred Shepherds that have been already trained and you'll be saving a life too. Having a puppy is alot of work and need tons of care. Good luck what ever route you take.
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    Here is my Wolfgang and Annie (The Cat).


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    What would we do without shepherds?
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