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Thread: mechanic types I need lawnmower help

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    mechanic types I need lawnmower help

    I got a little troy bilt riding mower last summer. I put a temporary hand control from a car I used to have on the brake so I could mow. Trouble is the brake is so hard to push I never can get completely stopped. It's dangerous, esp if I am needing to get into reverse or something because the lever is on the same side. My daughter mows occasionally and it's so hard for her she almost has to stand on it. Of course then she comes of the seat and the mower dies bc of that safety switch.

    So the question is how can I adjust the brake to make it easier to push?
    Anyone know?
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    You might want to try extending the arm of the hand control that you push to brake if you have the reach to do that. This would not make the brake easier to push down but would increase your leverage. Which old Greek was it that said, "Give me a long enough lever and I will lift the world."

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    The lever is as long as it needs to be.
    This won't help my daughter anyway. She's only 12 but it shouldn't be this hard to push a brake in. I'm no wimp and it seriously takes all my strength to stop. There has to be another way to adjust it.
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    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    Look underneath to see if the linkage has any adjustments or different mounting holes to give better leverage. If not, you would need to put a taller brake pedal, again giving more leverage.

    It may be something simple too, are the brakes out of adjustment maybe? Assuming drum brakes, if the pads aren't adjusted right you'll never get good stopping power.

    e.t.a. went looking for owners manual, found you have to input model and serial number. If you need one go here:
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    Sounds like something is out of adjustment from the start....I used to repair lawn mowers as a hobby and could just use my hand were people use there feet to use clutch/brake control. This was just to make things worked ok....on my own I just used bar attached by cable u bolts.
    Get r manual out and see what it says about the adjustments addie.
    Is there 1 peddle for clutch and brake or 2 peddles 1 for clutch and other for brake.
    They use to just use 1 for clutch and brake.
    I seen at lowes they are using 2 peddles on some models.
    Sorry I can't be more help hard to figure r problem out without really seeing it.
    If you have the 5 speed or 7 speed all it is a paddle wheel with a rubber wheel that moves out from the main wheel for faster speeds and in for slower speeds.
    There is a spring on the rubber wheel that keeps them in contact with each other when you are moving...when you press in on clutch it moves paddle wheel away from the drive plate.
    Unless they have come up with another version of it.
    Like I said been a few years since I messed with the newer models.


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    Can you snap a few pixs and post them?
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    Maybe you need an upgrade......

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    An upgrade would be nice but it isn't going to happen. I barely afforded the 1000 to buy this little one.

    After an evaluation yesterday I realized that my daughter is standing on it because she is too short. The brake is fine for an "AB male" ha
    So I extended the lever and it was harder to push? I don't know what I'm going to do.
    I had a friend over yesterday who looked under it and wasn't sure how to adjust anything. It was hard for him to push with my lever also. It seems that McDuffs suggestion up there to get a taller brake pedal is the answer. Could someone direct me on this? I'm not too good at engineering... I have a friend who welds who could do something like that but obviously it would have to be right to start with.

    Adduing insult to injury I transferred over to the seat to do my demonstration of how hard it is for me to push. Having a nice uti brewing I managed to pee on the seat. I'm not sure he'll be back over anyway even if he knew how to fix it. lol I love sci... not

    I'll dig up the manual tonight and take pictures tomorrow. It's pouring down rain today so I can't right now.
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    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    depending on the shape of your brake pedal, you may be able to raise it just by attaching one or more short blocks of 2"X4" on top of your stock pedal. One easy way to attach the blocks would be with hose clamps or cable ties.

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    Addiesue, have you tried just putting the shifter in neutral when you go to stop? I had a mower with a hard brake and I just put the shifter into neutral when I went to stop and that worked great. Might not be the best fix, but it might work for you. Good Luck, Dan

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