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Thread: Bruised Kidney, noe e coli

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    Bruised Kidney, noe e coli

    A week ago today my son severely bruised a kidney while playing baseball. He had quite a lot of blood in his urine for 3+ days. His last urinalysis was Tuesday and they said the bleeding had stopped. Today we get a call that he has e. coli and needs to start on Bactrim. How serious is e.coli? Is this because of the trauma to the kidney? How effective is the Bactrim? I'm concerned because he suffered from osteomylitis about 10 months ago and was barraged with antibiotics (including vancomycin by IV for a month) and since then he has had two ear infections, a trachial infection, a sinus infection, and now this. He has always been healthy prior to the osteomylitis. He eats well, takes vitamins and is very active in baseball. He's almost 20 yrs. old. I appreciate any information. Thanks.

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    I had an e-coli uti recently...was treated with Cipro, and I recovered well.

    BTW, people don't realize how dangerous baseball can be. My brother ruptured his spleen playing baseball...tell him to be careful out there.
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    I am curious about why you are posting here. You know this is a forum for people with newly acquired spinal cord injuries, correct? I assume your son does not have a spinal cord injury.

    Urinary tract infections in young males without a neurogenic bladder are unusual. With his history, I would recommend a consultation with an infectious disease physician if the Bactrim does not work. Was Bactrim selected on the basis of a culture and sensitivity (C&S) test, or just a gram stain??


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