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Thread: Most awe-inspiring moment in movie?

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    Recently, my heart broke in bittersweetness when the boy went back for another boy in Changeling.

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    1- The dinosaur "reveal" in Jurassic Park. Brilliant way of pulling you into Sam Neill's emotions of stunned amazement. His whole life's study has been tossed out by this act of cloning, but he's delighted all the same.

    2- The tornado bursting thru the drive-in movie screen in Twister. Since I was raised and live in Oklahoma, all the visual cues were there and I instantly went into duck and cover mode. My friends said every time a tornado came onscreen I curled up in a ball.

    3- Best audience reaction- the transition from submerged wreck to glowing stateroom in "Titanic". Almost every lady in room let out an "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH". It reminded me we have two generations of people for who travel is a huge PAIN to be endured and not the glamorous, exciting adventure it once was. I was showing the the 70's version of "Murder on The Orient Express" to some friends and had to explain first class rail travel (sleepers, porters, red caps, whitle linen and "service Francaise") That divolved into a discusion of elitism and ruined the movie.

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    This thread may not make a lot of sense since the OP's original message was removed as spam.


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