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Thread: What is in the Therapy Pipeline?

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    What is in the Therapy Pipeline?

    Quote Originally Posted by CareCureGirl View Post
    Dear Group,
    I STILL believe Dr. Davies research is promising and I will continue to donate, as I am sure many of you are.
    Mr. Nastier......I had not heard of Dr. Young's research. Thank you for enlightening me.

    Dr. Davies, Dr. Young, and the Australian lab.....Are these the only really promising researchers so far?

    You need to spend more time on this site. There are many promising therapies. Here are some that are in or close to clinical trial:
    • Cethrin. This is a rho inhibitor that was shown to stimulate regeneration in rats and has gone through Phase 1 studies showing some promising results. The company (Alseres) is trying to get Phase 2 studies going in the United States. This is for the first 2 weeks after injury.
    • Nogo antibody. This is a human antibody that binds Nogo, a known inhibitor of axonal growth and that stimulates regeneration and sprouting of spinal axons. Sponsored by Novartis, this has gone through Phase 1 studies and is now undergoing Phase 2 trials in Europe. This is in chronic patients, I believe.
    • Umbilical cord blood plus lithium. This is what we are doing in ChinaSCINet and I recently announced our intent to start clinical trials in the United States. You can read more about this is
    • Schwann cell transplants. The Miami Project is organizing a clinical trial to do such cell transplants and I believe that this is in chronic SCI patients.

    There are several therapies that are waiting in the wings for some additional efficacy and safety data, as well as funding and sponsors, before they can go to trial. These include:
    • Chondroitinase. Half a dozen laboratories have reported that this bacterial enzyme stimulates regeneration and functional recovery in animals. Most of the studies have been studied therapies started early after injury.
    • Decorin. This is the treatment first found by Stephen Davies and it appears to reduce production of CSPG and other molecules that inhibit axonal growth. There are studies going on in his laboratory and others.
    • Bone marrow stem cells. Several laboratories have reported that bone marrow cells transplanted to the spinal cord are beneficial. Several clinics in Argentina, Ecuador, China, Germany, and India have been trying this therapy with some reports of beneficial effects. This needs to be done in the United States in a rigorous controlled trial. Many companies are investing in methods of harvesting cells.

    These are just some of the therapies that in or need to be in clinical trials. There are several other therapies.


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    That's it? List is lame Wise.
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    Thank you Dr. Young!!!!.....I will read up on all this!!!

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    Arrh, C'mon Leif!!! If you think the list is inadequate - add to it yourself!?

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    you are not helping here, you do just like the tipical italian comunist
    Remember you told me you were going to be nice... Expect a call from me soon!

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    It’s just that this list with simple ingredients has been there for years with some modifications and now, bone marrow stem cells in Ecuador, yeah right. And most of it is try and fail by chance strategies. The clinical trials with anti-Nogo-A antibodies seams also to be for acute (not chronic) injuries source. Point is, there isn’t much. More research! Both for the understanding of the spinal cord and for therapeutic treatments for clinical trials.
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    Leif, you missing the key word.

    Quote Originally Posted by Leif View Post
    That's it? List is lame Wise.
    You are missing the sentence where Wise says: These are just some of the therapies that are in or need to be in clinical trials. There are several other therapies.
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    I don’t think there are much in the pipeline ready for trials, and what others? Magnesium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadfather View Post
    I strongly disagree with your opinion, but appreciate all points of view. Please don't stop posting how you feel just because others don't like what you are saying.
    I agree QuadFather. This thread is about Dr. Davies research, there are other forums for people to express how they feel, such as the bitch and complain forum.

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    Well, let's take it from the top.

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