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Thread: ok i dont know whats wrong....hurts bad

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    ok i dont know whats wrong....hurts bad

    ok well im dumb for this but friday i let my friend kick me lol and he kicked my right behind my knee. well it hurt of course but i thought it would get better but instead it got worse. i cant walk unless i walk on my toes because if my heel touches the ground it stretches my leg and thats when it really hurts and shoots sharp pains throughout my leg. the pain is coming from the back of the leg where the knee is located just above the calf muscle on the right side (this is on my left leg). but on a pain scale of 1 to 10 i have to say at the lowest its 6 but can reach to 9 when i walk and i walk alot cause i go to school.

    plz tell me whats wrong :] thanks

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    Newlife, you do of course realize that this forum is for people who have just recently sustained a spinal cord injury and are paralyzed (or their friends and family), don't you? Your acute orthopedic injury is not anywhere that severe.

    I am not sure what possessed you to let a "friend" kick you behind the knee, but at best it sounds like you have a severely strained muscle or even a torn muscle, or may have torn a tendon or ligament. You need to see a good orthopedic physician and get this evaluated. I hope you will be able to recover with just rest and therapy and will not require surgery.


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