Hi. I am a paraplegic T6/7 since Nov of 2007 with no movement or sensation below the waist.

I currently use the following pain medicines at these times:

Neurontin at 8am (800mg), 12pm (800mg) and 8pm (800mg)
Oxycodone at 10am (10mg), 3pm (15mg) and 6pm (10mg)
Methadone at 2am (7.5mg), 8am (5mg), 2pm (7.5mg) and 8pm (5mg)

I've been using these 3 medicines for about 1 year now. They worked great for pain relief early on but have slowly lost effectiveness to where they don't do too much right now. My pain doctors are currently changing the dosage amounts and dosage times a little at a time to try and figure out what works best.

Here is the pain I feel. When I wake up in the middle of the night and during the first hour after waking up in the morning, as soon as I move my legs I start to have burning pain (level 8 or 9). Throughout the day I have episodes of very bad pins and needles and some burning mostly when I sit for long periods of time. Lying down alleviates this to some degree. From about dinner time to bedtime, the pins and needles and burning increases gradually until I go to bed. At that time its probably a 6 or 7. It doesn't affect my sleep, only if I wake up.

Does any one experience this type of pain at these times of day? Any idea on what pain medicine changes might work better? My doctors are thinking about trying Elavil soon. And then there is the pain pump if things continue to get bad.

Thanks for any help.