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Thread: China Biotech in Review: China Releases Official Health Reform Plans

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    China Biotech in Review: China Releases Official Health Reform Plans

    China Biotech in Review: China Releases Official Health Reform Plans

    The big news coming out of China life science last week was the official unveiling of the country’s health reform plans, both the long-term plan ending in 2020 and the more immediate three-year program that culminates in 2011. By 2020, China has set a goal of providing a basic health-care system that can provide safe, effective, convenient and affordable health services to urban and rural residents (see story). Significantly, the long-range plan puts financial responsibility for health care on the government, shifting away from the previous model of a profit-making system.

    The three-year plan (2009-2011) is more detailed. It specifies the first steps the country will take toward attaining the long-range goals (see story). Although pieces of the plan have been seeping out for months, the latest announcement contains major construction plans for the first time. The three-year plan also contains provisions for 850 billion RMB ($124 billion) of spending that will provide universal health insurance, a system of essential drugs, better primary health care facilities, access to basic public health services for everyone and a pilot program for reformed state-run hospitals.


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    Now check one of our state's budget. What is wrong with our country?

    Bert Caldwell: State budget cuts threaten vital medical research
    Bert Caldwell

    Tags: washington legislature Washington Life Sciences Discovery Fund
    The Washington Life Sciences Discovery Fund could be on life support soon.

    The fund’s budget, $65 million in this biennium, has been whacked down to $5 million by a House Appropriations Committee, and to $38 million by the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

    Not much of a Band-Aid for the self-inflicted, $9 billion budget wound lawmakers are trying to bind up.

    A $5 million appropriation would do little more than cover LSDF overhead, Executive Director Lee Huntsman says. The grants funding cutting-edge biomedical research in the state would all but stop. The Senate version would keep at least a minimum of grant activity going.

    The fund has already committed $25 million to 17 research efforts. Studies at Washington State University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratories in the Tri-Cities have captured about one-third of the money. A potential $4 million grant to another WSU researcher is one of four the LSDF is negotiating, Huntsman says.


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