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Thread: Remember what it meant to be on a box of cereal

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    Remember what it meant to be on a box of cereal

    Remember what it meant to be on a box of cereal
    Jerry Hogan - Military View
    Jerry Hogan - Columnist
    Rockwall County Herald-Banner

    Do you remember when you were a little kid and your hero was featured on the cereal box cover of Wheaties or Corn Flakes? How you would sit at the breakfast table, look at the box and fantasize how great it would be when your picture was put on that box for the great athletic achievement you had just accomplished! Sure, don’t be bashful, we all did it.

    Well, Trish LaBar, US Army veteran from Heath, Texas has achieved that dream so many of us wished for. She is one of 12 Gold Medal winners from last year’s National Veterans Wheelchair Games who will be featured on Cheerios boxes as a result of an agreement between the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veteran Canteen Service and General Mills Corporation. The action shots of these 12 athletes will appear on the back and side panels of the Cheerio cereal boxes. These special edition boxes of cereal will be sold in military markets and Veteran Canteen retail stores and will feature the top athletes in events ranging from track and field and archery to swimming and basketball. Of the twelve events in which the athletes compete, Trish was entered in four; Air Gun, Basketball, Slalom, and Softball. She received the gold medal in all but softball.

    Trish grew up as an Army brat in Europe but eventually ended up in Bristow, Oklahoma, where she attended high school. Being a little bit impatient, she applied for a GED and enlisted in the Army in January of 1976 and immediately started her training at Fort McClelland, Alabama, then Fort Lee, Virginia, and then an assignment to Miesau, Germany, and then Baumholder, Germany. And while Baumholder was certainly not the garden spot of West Germany, it was a fully functioning Army base containing the Division Artillery units as well as one Brigade of Soldiers from the 8th Infantry Division. Lots of mud, lots of training, and lots of focus on preparing to fulfill the war time mission of US Forces stationed in West Germany during the 70s.

    In November of 1978 she left the US Army and returned to the States and in 1984 she moved to Rockwall and has been in this immediate area ever since. In 1992 she was injured in an equestrian accident and sustained a spinal cord injury that left her in a wheel chair. But as already obvious, Ms. LaBar sure hasn’t been just sitting around home watching daytime TV.

    One of the things she has done is start her own business owning ABC Home Medical that is successful in the durable medical supplies market. Another is becoming actively involved in the Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America. This organization is run by and for military veterans with spinal cord injuries or MS disease. You may have seen some of their activities as they open the Dallas Veterans Day parade with a 21-gun salute as well as providing graveside services with an all wheel chair honor guard for fallen veterans. Trish just happens to be the only female honor guard member. And, of course, she has become very involved with the National Veterans Wheelchair Games which are presented by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

    I asked her how she became so involved with these veteran groups. “I really got involved through the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). When I was first injured I was depressed and suffered trying to establish how my life would be, who I was, and what I could accomplish. Through the efforts of PVA and attending the National Wheelchair Games where disabled veterans from around the country, Great Britain, and Puerto Rico compete in events such as basketball, softball, slalom, and many other sports, I was able to feel exhilarated and independent again. Now I am the chairperson of the fund raising committee for the Lone Star Paralyzed Veterans of America. We raise money to pay for our team of veterans to compete in the Wheelchair Games. We supply the uniforms, airfare, and hotels. We also have fundraising activities such as bake sales at the VA hospital, etc. All of this, in addition to my work, keeps me pretty occupied.”

    She also made another comment that shows the wisdom of putting one’s faith and money on betting on a US military veteran. Trish said, “I started my business with a small amount of money and the help from Larry Parks, former president of American National Bank, who believed in me when it was difficult for even me to believe in me

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    I still have a Wheaties box from about 25 years ago with George Murray on the box. Among his many wheelchair roadracing accomplishments George was the 1st to break the 4 minute mile in a wheelchair - he did that in a race chair which probably weighed 15 lbs more than current racechairs. He also won too many marathons to mention. Great athlete!!

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