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Thread: Smelly Butt.... HELP!

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    Smelly Butt.... HELP!

    Okay ya'll go ahead and laugh your asses off at my expense... I'd be willing to bet there are a few other folks with smelly butts out there too.

    Anyway...... What's up with this. I am an L1 complete para wheelchair dependent. I live independently and run my own business. I am in my wheelchair sometimes 10 hours straight (doing depressions religiously) and I am a pretty clean guy. Not a slob and just slightly plump. I shower as needed but don't shower every day because it is a pain in the butt and I don't get all that dirty on a daily basis. I almost never go more than two days with out showering. By the way on the days that I don't shower I do wet wipe myself in the morning like a sponge bath.

    Here is my dilemma..... When I pull my pants off at the end of the day and sometimes when I open up to pee.... I am greeted by a.... how should I say this???....... a less than fresh smell coming from my rearward region!!! I maintain a very regular bowel program and (knock on wood) have not had an accident in so long I don't remember the last one. (coupla years) Like most any man that sits for 10 hours I usually have a small little skid mark in my undies but I check to see with TP if my hiney is dirty and it's usually not. Just a bit damp from sweat. This is the case on days that I don't shower and days that I do.

    As of right now I am a single guy and other than me having to put up with the fog until it dissipates it's not really a big problem. Butt (pun intended) I could see where this would be a problem if I had a honey that I wanted to get lovey-dovey with. Everytime we would want to get naked I would have to say hang on there babes... I need to go freshen up my hind end!!!!!

    Well ya'll probably got the picture by now... or quit reading long ago and went on to some other post that was much more interesting and less stinky.

    Any other smelly butts out there with any suggestions?
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    Dude I would just take a shower everyday.... It isnt a huge deal, is it? I would say try that out and maybe get some different soap. Axe or Old spice, something with a fragrance.


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    What if you try baby powder, or changing the type of underwear you have.
    The other thing is maybe looking into a cushion that gets more air to that region.

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    Do you regularly wash your seat cushions? The smell may be lingering there and goes back to your pants. I change my covers regularly and launder them using antibacterial soap. I have a couple of extra covers so I can swap them out.

    Also, the odor may be coming from you pubic area where sweat also accumulates. You might try an antifungal powder, such a Lotrimin. Baby powders generally do not get at the source of the problem, which is likely to be bacteria or fungi that thrive on the moist environment.

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    caldescenene, your nutz, ass and cushjion. like sci said good chance its your cushion. especially if a roho or jay, thats why i love my stimulites rep
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    A couple of ideas from a womyn's pov. Start by shaving, or at least closely trimming, your package -- damp, sweaty pubic hair can emit an incredibly rank odor, and holds onto that smell even after the sweat dries.

    Every morning, apply a powder with a cornstarch. not talc, base to your crotch -- be sure to get some into the thigh creases and behind the scrotum. Cornstarch is better at absorbing odors and moisture, and doesn't clump or cake like talc does when it gets wet.

    Final note: skidmarks are neither normal nor acceptable. They can be avoided -- just spend an extra minute at the end of your BP doing a final cleanup with a wet wipe that includes cleaning around/in the anus by gently inserting the tip of a finger covered with the wet wipe.



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    You need to ue the wet wipes on your perineal area 2-3 times a day-after b.m., when sweating etc... you don't have to take a compete shower if this is the area of smell. Toilet paper is not always good enough.

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    Here is what I do. When I get out of the shower and am drying off, I have my feet sittin on top of the shower chair touching while I am sitting on my chair so I can dry my legs and crotch. After drying off, I run scented lotion from Bath and Body in the crease where my legs meet the hip and on the area between my balls and butt.
    Then, if I decide not to shower one day because I am too busy or whatever, when I transfer over to the toilet to pee, I rub that same lotion in the same areas.
    This is not only goood beacuse it smells good, but it is good moisturizer for those areas too.

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    Why not swipe your bunghole with the cleansing cloths you get in the baby wipe section or just use baby wipes. And ya could probably shave in that area so ya don't get dingleberries and such. Don't fret about taking showers everyday I have a cousin who will pop in to see me and he'll come bouncing in with bedhead and the same clothes I seen him in the day before, he says he's too lazy to get in the shower lol. I know you're not lazy just saying its cool to go a day without showing and hey you're helping conserve water lol.

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