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Thread: Has anyone received acupuncture or massage therapy?

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    Has anyone received acupuncture or massage therapy?

    Hi gang,

    I am writing a story about a current bill making its way through the Colorado state legislature, a bill that would allow "alternative therapies" to be paid for by Medicaid for people with spinal cord injuries. The alternative therapies include acupuncture and massage therapy, and are not currently covered by Medicaid in Colorado.

    So my question is this: Have any of you ever received acupuncture or massage therapy? Did it help? Do you think it is beneficial to people with SCI?

    Also, does anyone know if any other states provide for this type of care through Medicaid?

    I need to find people that I can quote in my story, so if you would be willing to participate or give your opinion, please either respond, send me a private message, or you can email me at



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    I've gotten acupuncture. I got it in my scalp and have tried it on my body. I am a t-9 complete an it didn't do anything for me...

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    I'm a C5-7 incomplete and got it for sciatica. It worked wonders. Mine was through Walter Reed as a retired spouse. If the nurses have access to the Journal of Military Medicine try searching using the name Foster L. and go back about 5 years. PM and R had a research wall on their work with it on active duty soldiers and both acute and chronic pain.
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    I do massage therapy. I get a massage every two weeks. It's great for pain management for a couple of days and I really look forward to it when it is time for me to get it done. To be of any real benefit I would need to get a massage about every third day or even every other day to see any lasting benefit. Every now and then it has the opposite than desired effect in that it fores my nerve pain up which lasts for a couple of days.
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    I've always believed Acupuncture to be a viable alternative therapy based on what I've read ... if we lived closer to a larger centre Bill would absolutely try it ...... he does however have a massage therapist who comes to the house once a week for pain management. He still takes medication for pain but I believe the massage does him more good not just physically but mentally as well .... and no side affects.

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    Had it done years ago for my severe neurogenic pain that I was getting in my hip area. I'd say it worked because now not experiencing the pain anymore.

    Was very interesting therapy, would do it again.

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    had a massage every 2 weeks for about five years. been swimming last 1.5 years, until they shut down every accessible pool in town. massage is highly beneficial imo. promotes circulation. circulation is life.

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    walker that gets massage therapy at least once a week.

    it helps ease my spasticity which I have A LOT of. also promotes circulation as I am some what of a newly injured person, and get very sore from time to time depending how much walking I've done in a day.

    it also helps around my c7 because I use crutches. and get knots all around my shoulder blades as Im sure wheelers get too.

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    I have been getting two hour massages a week now for quite a while. it is unbelievable, to say the least.
    Part of the massage, the girls do range of motion on my legs. This in addition to the massage on my legs and back, I can cannot say e nough.
    The range of motion helps with flexibility and the massage on my legs promotes blood flow. Recommend to anyone.
    There was a post two months ago or so about this too.

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    i have had deep tissue massage therapy which was great. i would get a massage every other week. i've also tried acupuncture. i did the acupuncture for neurorecovery and to help spasticity. it didn't really help with either. i think if anything it may have helped with anxiety a bit. for me the massage therapy was a better use of my money.

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