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    Question HELP with life,,, home

    im c5c6,,,,, and i want to live alone... or away from fam,,, their gettin old , i just want to be free,,, or more free then now.......i dnt no where to start,,, with housing,nursing,all that..... can u guys tell me ur experiences leavin ur nest, or rehab asnd what steps u took,,,, any comment will def help.....
    woody guthrie

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    Hi Woody,

    Is your name really Woody Guthrie? If so, are you any relation to the "This Land is Your Land" singer/songwriter?

    If money is of no concern, you shouldn't have any problems moving out of your aging parent's house.

    If you're broke- say only living on SSI/SSDI and Medicaid/Medicare and you want to live alone, then it'll be a near impossibility. It's expensive to live on your own and the US government's "safety net" has lots of big holes in it.

    Others here may have better news for you but no matter what, it won't be easy. The first step would be to give your local ILC (Independent Living Center) a call and talk to one of their advisors. At the link, there's a searchable CIL database that you can use to find your state or local ILC. They should know exactly what you'll be up against and advise you accordingly.

    Good luck,


    PS. That link sucks... try THIS one.
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    monthly income and location...two most important things to start

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