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Thread: kidney stone advice

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    kidney stone advice

    I just had an appointment with my urologist. I had a CAT scan done would show that I had three kidney stones in my left kidney. He felt that he wouldn't be able to get everything with lithotripsy. He thought that they would be okay because where they were located in the kidney (not near the ureter). I've been having increased left flank pain, intermittent incontinence, and passing stones. Wouldn't it be a normal thing to have the stones removed?

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    I believe that they should be removed. I had one in my right kidney that was 1 cm. I had UTI's for 3 months (or so that's what they thought it was). They need to get it out, it is not good to just be sitting there. Does your urologist specialize in SCI?
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    Some doctors will not remove them unless there are several or they are large that could cause damage. I had a couple a few years ago, and they said if they were bigger that they would need to remove them surgically, but for now they were fine. My body would pass them on their own. It was one of the worst pains I have had to suffer through until they did pass.
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    Does he know that if they decide to pass and you can't feel it you could die of AD before anybody knew you were having a stroke?

    2nd opinion, in my opinion.

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    I agree with the second opinion. Yesterday, I sent my CAT scan pictures to a urologist that I had gone to before that specializes in kidney stone treatment. Hopefully, he will have a different train of thought. He is part of a larger hospital and has more association with people with spinal cord injuries.

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    I had recurrent uti's until my first one passed. It was 4 cm, they said. That's the only time I've puked from pain. And I had gallstones and gave birth as an AB! With the gallstones I'd make myself vomit, in hopes it would relieve the pain. But that kidney stone was different. I was in DC, had a rally that a.m., lobbied all afternoon. Wanted to party w/ friends I see only once a year. Kept thinking my hip was hurting from jostling all over DC for 3 days. When I turned green, a friend took me to my room. It hurt so bad! Asked my son to bring a bucket, but threw up on his hand. I borrowed a lortab and a muscle relaxer.

    Recommendation: Muscle relaxer is the shizz in a kidney stone crisis. The pain is from ureter spasms. So whatever you can do to relax the spasms. Hot water is good. They say jumping up and down is too, to move it along, but I wouldn't know.

    So. after the drugs, I passed out. In the a.m. I felt funny but the killer pain was gone.

    If I'd been home, I'd have gone to the ER. But who wants to go to an unknown big city ER?

    Anyway, got home, felt like I had to pee constantly. Dr. Young said it all sounded like a kidney stone to him. That had never occurred to me, due to the pain being in my hip. Finally did go to the ER. They blew me off as a drug seeker, as I had no blood in my urine. A week later, finally had a CAT scan. Guess what? That stone was STILL hanging at the mouth of my bladder! Turns out that "need to pee" sensation is called irritable bladder, per my uro. It is classic kidney stone symptom. That stupid ER. I wanted to wave those films in their faces and stick them...well you know!

    When it starts to pass, be aware our symptoms may not be normal. I always get terrible hip pain before the flank pain starts. In AB women, I've read one side of the labia may be excruciating. With sci, our weird sensations and referred pain, wouldn't surprise me to hear you felt it in your toe.

    If you look on the internet, there are recipes involving lemon juice and olive oil, to dissolve and move them. A friend tried it, to avoid surgery, and it worked.

    If I were you, I'd find a new uro. Odds are these won't be your last kidney stones. When mine saw the film w/ the 4 cm one and heard the story, he said call him day or night. He says he knows if I call, it's bad, cuz I'm clearly no sissy. That's what you need in a uro!

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    Sometimes they do monitor them- if they don't get any bigger and there is no blockage of ureters. Does he do the laser/zapping surgery???

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    Not to doubt you, but are you sure it was 4cm and not 4mm? 4cm is roughly an inch and a half...that would be HELL to pass!!! I'm not sure a 4cm stone could even pass without lithotripsy to break it up.
    I've passed 3 stones and think I might have another. I've been having the weird stone symptoms for a couple days now. I guess I will find out soon enough if I was correct.
    I'm glad that you sent your films to another uro to be looked at. Having 3 large stones in the kidney is not something to mess with. Keep us updated about what happens.
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    Maybe you may try the Kidney Cleanse solution. I'd tried it before and did pee out some tiny stones. The first few days my lower back was sore for few days and the urine was really smelly....

    The solution is able to soften the stones through the duct and flush out in 21 days course.

    The product is only available from here in MN.

    Good luck.

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