I have used a Quickie 2 for about 20 years, a Q2 HP for the past 10 years. While I have found them to be good chairs, I am intrigued by the TiLite chairs, the Aero series, as insurance will not go for a Ti.

Unfortunately the is no perfect chair for me with my specific needs/wants. What I want is, a rigid chair, with a V front and flip up foot plates. (Obviously the amount of V inset would be limited.)

The desire the for a rigid is obvious, I would think; if folding isn't needed, why not want a rigid? I don't need to fold so I desire a rigid.

The flip up plates are necessary for transferring; if I don't set my feet on the floor, the chair wants to slide away from me during transfer.

The V front is desired for driving, I drive a full size van from my chair and currently my right leg rest hits the "dog house" cover in my van causing me to sit slightly crooked, not comfortable. A narrower front would help this.

I also need the "box" style from for my lock down.

Chairs I am considering...


Aero R: I really like the look of the TiLite Aero R with fixed front, but the front lacks a flip up plates option. (I have thought long and hard if I could still work with this chair.)

Aero X: Looks nice, but not a rigid and no V front.


Quickie 2 Lite: This new chair has the great option of a 1" inset front and can be had with flip up plates. The down sides are that it is not a rigid and I am not sure I like how it looks.

GP: Rigid frame, flip up foot plates, but no inset front.

I would love to hear from those that have used the following, pictures would be great too...

Quickie 2 Lite
TiLite Aero R
TiLite Aero X

Admitedly, for whatever reason, I desire to try a TiLite chair. While my Quickie chairs have been good, I have never liked my sitting position in relation to where I grab my wheels and Quickies' adjustments aren't that fine or maybe I haven't tried hard enough. I had an Invacare chair in the late 80's and while it wasn't a good chair, I really liked the way I could propel that chair.

Thanks, Brian