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Thread: TiLite vs. Quickie

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    TiLite vs. Quickie

    I have used a Quickie 2 for about 20 years, a Q2 HP for the past 10 years. While I have found them to be good chairs, I am intrigued by the TiLite chairs, the Aero series, as insurance will not go for a Ti.

    Unfortunately the is no perfect chair for me with my specific needs/wants. What I want is, a rigid chair, with a V front and flip up foot plates. (Obviously the amount of V inset would be limited.)

    The desire the for a rigid is obvious, I would think; if folding isn't needed, why not want a rigid? I don't need to fold so I desire a rigid.

    The flip up plates are necessary for transferring; if I don't set my feet on the floor, the chair wants to slide away from me during transfer.

    The V front is desired for driving, I drive a full size van from my chair and currently my right leg rest hits the "dog house" cover in my van causing me to sit slightly crooked, not comfortable. A narrower front would help this.

    I also need the "box" style from for my lock down.

    Chairs I am considering...


    Aero R: I really like the look of the TiLite Aero R with fixed front, but the front lacks a flip up plates option. (I have thought long and hard if I could still work with this chair.)

    Aero X: Looks nice, but not a rigid and no V front.


    Quickie 2 Lite: This new chair has the great option of a 1" inset front and can be had with flip up plates. The down sides are that it is not a rigid and I am not sure I like how it looks.

    GP: Rigid frame, flip up foot plates, but no inset front.

    I would love to hear from those that have used the following, pictures would be great too...

    Quickie 2 Lite
    TiLite Aero R
    TiLite Aero X

    Admitedly, for whatever reason, I desire to try a TiLite chair. While my Quickie chairs have been good, I have never liked my sitting position in relation to where I grab my wheels and Quickies' adjustments aren't that fine or maybe I haven't tried hard enough. I had an Invacare chair in the late 80's and while it wasn't a good chair, I really liked the way I could propel that chair.

    Thanks, Brian

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    You may want to involve your van modification company in your choice as your chair will need a strong enough frame to to be used with a lock down system to drive from your chair. I'm not so sure many frames would crash test well. With a V front end and front bend for down tubes of 80, 85 or 90 degrees - you may well be able to transfer by placing your feet on the ground to the front or side of your foot platform without going to flip up footrests. Can you try a chair with such a front end to see if you would need the footrests. Also, your legs look pretty far extended forward now, will a radical front end bend be comfortable for you.

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    You might want to consider the Kuscall Fusion - rigid, with a flip up footrest. I use a Kuschall Airlite and like it very much.

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    That Fusion is a nice looking chair. If you could tolerate the 85 degree front end bend you would be a lot closer for transfers than you currently are in your Quickie.

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    I appreciate the excellent replies. The Fusion is a great looking chair, but I need a more "tradition" box frame for use with my lock down. Also, I think the 85 degree bend may be too much. And lastly, it is very expensive.

    As ancientgimp astutely noticed, I am currently using a 60 degree front; I plan on gpoing to a 70 degree on the new chair. Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to try these different chairs and options.

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    Tilite has the option to add flip ups on the AeroR, but it is a $500 option. Look under their Designs Unlimited pdf.

    I used a Ti SX for ~5yrs, it was a great chair. But it is about 9lbs heavier than my ZRa I just got. Since you are going to be adding the lockdown bracket, you won't be able to fold it anyway. And the bracket is like another 8-10lbs. So if possible, I would go with a rigid frame to try and reduce overall weight.

    You might also check with the lockdown folks, I assume EZlock? They don't have brackets for all chairs, and you might have to have a custom one made if you get a non covered chair.
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    Ughh, quickies are just garbage. Just my opinion rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Thanks for the info McDuff. I had thought of looking in their Unlimited section, as I had in the past when concidering them, but in swapping emails with a TiLite rep he never suggested it; my bad, just lazy I guess. $500 isn't cheap, but if it gets me what I want it my be worth it. I suspect they will have to weld another bar to the frame.
    I do not use an EZLock; I will have to custom make a lockdown for whatever chair I get, as I have in the past.

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    Brian, Let's talk audio! Does your system sound as good as it looks?
    Dave E. C6-7 Incomp. Quad 9-06


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    Hi Dave, Audio has been something I have been into and enjoyed a lot longer than my wife wishes! I have bought and sold way to much gear the past decade.

    BTW, what a beautiful place you live! I have been to CO twice. (A long way from MI.) ...and a long time Bronco's fan! It is going to be an interesting year.

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