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Thread: Work Sucks! Way to much favortism

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    Once you complain you have marked yourself for trouble. It may not be right, but it happens. You don't want that.

    He brought his people in with every intention of moving them along. That's what he has done.

    Instead of filing any sort of grievance, why not let things settle, ask to meet with this guy? Tell him you respect his opinion, experience and leadership. Tell him what you have learned from him. Don't overdo it, but tell him the truth. Find what he's good at, what you respect and tell him.

    Let him know you would like to be considered for a position of more responsibility when there is an opening. Ask what you can do so you have the necessary qualifications, experience and more for what he wants. Name the position you are interested in specifically so you don't get additional work ad infinitum without the additional pay and rank.

    You might ask for additional responsibility or cliuent contact if that is what the position will entail. If it does, ask if you may begin doing that, too, in addition to your regular responsibilities as long as those will not suffer for it. Cross-training is always a great idea.

    Whatever you do don't bad mouth the two who were promoted from other departments to anyone.

    You don't want to be an arse smoocher, but be professional, do your work and be helpful to the two who were promoted from other departments as you would to anyone else. Stay out of discussing these two with others and try not to get a grudge about either of these guys.

    You're great at what you do. You know it and others do, too. There's a reason you're the lead designer. Props for that. Keep doing what you're doing, lay the groundwork for next time and hopefully you'll make the move you want.

    Best to you TMAZ.
    This would be exactly the way I would handle this.

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    I like what LeMem said...she speaks truth here...

    I once worked at a company where they CREATED me a position, and I LOVED my job. Then my supervisor left to go to another job...and she told the whole department that she would be sending for me and a few other people as soon as she could.

    Not long thereafter, her company downsized and let her go...(it was a tiny plumbing company)...


    In the meantime, our department went through like 3 supervisors, myself included...(I kept the job ONE day)...and saw that I was going to get a huge headache from dealing with one girl in particular...

    and THEN...another department split off, and we got a new supervisor...and her BEST friend at the company....and...

    she showed more favoritism than I could even talk about. It was rumored that the friend even helped her figure out how much of a raise to give folks...but was never proven. She would give her friend big fancy birthday gifts in front of the whole department, and when our birthdays rolled around she would just say, sorry...I didn't get you a gift.

    In the long run, I was downsized out in a buyout, where the new company only knew my name and job title...they knew nothing about my work, work ethic, or anything.

    The best friend and I had gotten into a clash when I asked her if a piece of mail she was mailing was personal or company, because it was MY job to collect postage money for personal mail...and on this particular piece of mail, I was holding it in my left hand, and I was covering the entire return address with my thumb unknowingly.

    The best friend yelled and yelled at me, and went to the supervisor and told her I was picking on her.

    I had kindly let the friend know that I had made a mistake and did not see the company address there.

    Edited to say that a long time period of several months went by between the mail fiasco and the downsize it was not the reason I was downsized just illustrates how close the two women were to each other...they stuck together like GLUE!

    Bottom line...they told me on a Tuesday that Thursday would be my last day. I came back on Wednesday and picked my stuff up out of my office. The best friend came into my office, and she had cried so hard that her eyes were red as beets and her face was all puffy, and she started crying and telling me that she wanted to apologize for everything she had ever said or done to me.

    I told her that of course she was forgiven and it was OK...

    Everybody in the entire building came into my office to say goodbye...and to say how hurt they were at how they were doing me...except for about 2 people...

    I went without a job for almost a year...and eneded up as a cashier at a grocery store...and then after a short job in a hotel giftshop, ended up where I am now...where I have been for almost 9 years...and the company I work for is great, and I can't complain a lick...

    But...about a year or so ago, I saw the supervisor that was in cahoots with her best friend...and you better BELIEVE I made this new job sound so wonderful that she thought I had hit the

    Bottom line is...

    Where there is a friendship between a boss and other coworkers, you do NOT want to go into the middle of them.

    Consider everything carefully, and move slowly...don't jump into anything, especially anything that can be turned around in the company or supervisor's favor!!!

    Just my thoughts...sorry for the ramble...

    Take care!


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    My opinion?Be your own boss and never let others to run your work.
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