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Thread: Any c5c6 can cath themselves

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    Quote Originally Posted by boisepave View Post
    Never heard of a wrist driven orthosis. I think my husband could use that. Do you mind telling me where you got yours and how you like it? He has a foley in at all times and I just empty his leg bag or he does and at night I switch it to hanging bed bag. He doesnt have the finger strength to cath himself. The question is to Rick and btw I really like John Galt.
    This is similar to what I use. It will need to be fitted by an orthotist, but you'll probably have to start with a physiatrist or PT.

    Believe me. That little bit of functional-pinch between the thumb and forefinger goes a long way.

    Reciprocal Wrist-Extension Finger-Flexion Orthosis with Radial Deviation Modification
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    we cant, u lose ur hands also, i just managed to put my put under my ................
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    Rick1; Thanks for posting the picture with the name below it. I use that exact model. When I looked up the name it came up with a website and I found out they are making them again. They quit making them in the late 90's because Mr.Thorkild Engen the designer retired and couldn't find anyone to buy his patent on his inventions. I guess someone eventually did so they are making them again. I'm so happy they are, I need a new one. He ran the Orthotics department at a rehab hospital, TIRR, here in Houston. He was a very nice man, he fit me for mine and made sure it worked exactly like it was supposed to. I have been looking to get a new one for along time because the one I have is getting old. I had my last one made at TIRR at least 10 years ago. We have been using parts off older ones I had around to keep the one I have now useable but it isn't going to last too much longer. I have had several made in the last 24 years, they do help alot. I use it everyday to do alot of things( eat,brush teeth,apply makeup,pickup things,write,etc..).

    I also found an article written about him, he is a very interesting man who really beleived in doing everything he could to help others. He also helped invent the Harrington rods used in back surgery. see link below

    I am posting a link below if anyone else is interested, they can make a huge difference.

    Thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by rybread View Post
    Hey Woody, I'm the same level as you but I could never catch myself so I just went ahead and got a supra pubic catheter. It's really helped out and as long as you keep it clean, it doesn't get infected very often. I was incapable of getting my shorts down or pulling it out or holding the catheter properly or anything like that. I now live alone and just have caregivers come in to help me out. I wear shorts and pants and have leg bags that go underneath everything and so far it hasn't bothered any girl that I've dated. You can even get an electric laid-back opener so you don't need someone to do that neither. I hope this helps you gain some independence.
    electric laid-back opener
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    I'm a C5. I self cath. I use 14 french caths I think. Was using 12's but geeze, just seemed wrong to be shoving something so big in my poor weiner hole. I wash the caths myself as well. I put the caths in a plastic basin with a shot of Sunlight dishsoap, then wash under the tap. I lay them on a clean towel after that. I wear regular pants with zippers. On the zippers I attach key rings so I can zip my fly up and and down. The key ring comes in handy other times too. Because sometimes I whip it out for money. No just kidding, but I should.

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