Stockholm to Host Scandinavia's Biggest Biotech Event
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Stockholm will host Biotech Forum 2003, Scandinavia's most influential biotech trade show, November 26-28. With med.xpo taking place at the same time, this will be northern Europe's biggest event in the biotech, medical, and health care sectors.

Newswise - The trade show will take place at Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm International Fairs, located just south of Stockholm. Since the first Biotech Forum in 2000, interest in these trade fairs has been steadily increasing.

"The growing number of visitors and exhibitors is a testament to the popularity of the fair. Since the first one, the number of exhibitors has increased by 270 percent, and the number of visitors by 400 percent," says Per-Axel Dahlberg, interim CEO of Business Arena Stockholm.

During the Biotech Forum, Businesss Arena Stockholm, the Stockholm region's joint company devoted to investment promotion, will organize a "B2B partnering event." Companies that register for this event will receive professional help in finding other companies that might be interested in future collaborations. This method has produced positive results; 15-20 percent of companies at previous events developed a collaboration. In addition to the B2B partnering event, the Karolinska Institutet, in conjunction with the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, is arranging a conference on developments and advances in the biotech sector.

For the Biotech Forum, the Stockholm/Uppsala Bioregion is investing in an additional 100 square meters [1,075 square feet] of space, which will provide room for the biggest display booth - 550 square meters [5,920 square feet] - at the fair. The booth will bring together some 30 companies, universities, and research parks from throughout the region. Every half hour, exhibitors at the booth will present the latest news from their respective companies.

Biotech Forum 2003 and med.xpo running simultaneously will constitute a broad meeting platform for companies and organizations. They will cover everything from biotechnology, medical technology, and laboratory work to analyses, pharmaceutical companies, and other distributors within the biotech sector.

According to the OECD's most recently published report on foreign direct investment, "Trends and Recent Developments in Foreign Direct Investment," Sweden is the one of the world's leading recipient countries within knowledge-intensive areas.

"The report further confirms the Stockholm region's power of attraction within knowledge-dominated branches. To a great extent, the region is dominated by high-tech companies in the fields of biotechnology and IT," says Per-Axel Dahlberg.

Sweden, with around nine-million inhabitants, is home to more biotech companies per capita than any other other country in the world; of that number, 50 percent are located in the Stockholm region. More than 550 life science companies, of which 100 are biotech companies and an additional 200 are biotech-related, have established themselves here.


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