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Thread: Looking to purchase a lokomat

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    Looking to purchase a lokomat

    I found a company looking to purchase a used Lokomat training system. If anyone knows of a facility or University that is possibly interested in selling a Lokomat system, please PM me. Thanks in advance...

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    I'm curious as to why people prefer the Lokomat to the Reo Ambulator.

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    I have been told that the lokomat has a better software module that gives the patient great feedback compared to the REO ambulator.
    Again, this is what I've been told. I don't have any firsthand knowledge of this.

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    I can't image that there are many of these systems for sale used anyplace. They have not been around that long, and if a gym or rehab center has gotten together the $$ to purchase one, why would they be turning around and selling it? We just got ours after waiting several years to get it funded (and requesting it every year for several years in the budget).


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    hi, I have a lokomat cubus for sale,it was removed from a va and was barely used and is in good cosmetic condition and works great,you can contact me at

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