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    Question Quad Archery

    Before my injury (C6/C7), I was a recurve and longbow shooter, and I'd like to get back to it. Unfortunately, my quad hands have no strength in the fingers and very little movement. I've seen releases with wrist straps, but I think they need some finger or thumb movement to trigger them, probably more than I've got. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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    Toxophilly was the number one sport at my spinal unit.

    Us quads had a small metal hook strapped to our hand (a right angle rather than curved hook) which you used to pull back the string, when you wanted to release you turned your hand through ninety degrees and the string slipped off the hook.

    That description is crap! I'll see if I can find a picture.

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    Hey man, those "triggers" on the bows can be tuned in just like a hair trigger on a gun. so it could work, just adapt the front end

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    I shot a compound bow and I want to get back into it too!

    Deadeye (his cc name) is who you need to message.I think he's on a hunt right now though.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry I didn't respond sooner--I've been sick on and off recently (damn UTIs ).

    Sounds like I need to keep investigating the types of releases available to see if I can find one that will work for me.

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