I have a progressive Neurological Condition which I have been told has a prognosis of ending up quadriplegic and losing my speech. After reading these boards and other information on internet I'm now really confused about what the word means in general and what it means for me?

I was under the impression as i guess many are that Quadriplegia only related to people who broke their neck and had no feeling or movement from neck down possibly on oxygen all time too.

Since I have got online I have found the word also referring to people with Cerebral Palsy particuarly athetoid type with not enough control of arms so although they move they cant control them to do things like dress and feed themselves etc. Which is understandable as they too have no useful function in arms.

Recently however, after seeing a movie called Murderball about the US Quad Rugby Team it showed men who seemed quite able in that they were still able to push themselves in manual chairs and showing them dressing themselves etc

I have seen people mention on here they can still walk with crutches yet are classed as quads, so I'm really confused about what this means?

If theres such a wide variation how will I know when I have crossed the point and become quadriplegic?

I have co-ordination problems (ataxia) which affects my legs and walking, my bladder muscles and fine motor co-ordination. I have some jerky movements in arms particuarly when having to extend arms to reach out for something but they are better if fully supported or when using wrist weights.

I can self propel on flat ground in lightweight chair and can sit up in it without having to be strapped in although i tire quickly. I am still able to live independently in adapted bungalow but struggle with getting about away from home without human assistance.

Have I already reached the stage I would be classified as quadriplegic because my arms are also now affected? or do they have to be affected to a certain degree?


(yorkshire, UK)