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Thread: Suggestions for balance loss while driving??

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    Scott has some balls,wow! I did find my balance as well as fatigue got better when I adjusted my tri-pin/spinner.It's different for everyone,I found 6 o'clock to be best for me.

    I couldn't imagine driving without a chest strap not only for turns but for downward hills and overall safety.Play around for it's positioning too.

    I echo the armrest suggestion, I use mine to give me some leverage to keep myself up.Right turns are my killer and I just use my left elbow to give me my boost back up.

    Also,it's very hard for me but the straighter/less slumped that you sit the more balance you have.Good luck.

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    just wanted to thank everyone for thoughts, suggestions and pictures. i think i'm getting more comfortable behind the wheel. i've lowered the chest strap making it less restrictive and i started leaning into the turns which seems to help me keep my balance.

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    Oh Man it's that simple why didn't I think of that all us quads have to do to get better is work out with a trainer, do some crunches and so on. That's genius...

    Quote Originally Posted by alex17 View Post
    I had the same problem too, I started working with a trainer on strengthening my core(abs, obliques, etc...) what a difference. Sit ups help if you can have someone to work out with you, side to side wood chops, pelvic raises and thrusts. A strong core is the key to good balance. I am a T10 para and am pretty rock solid in the drivers seat. Hope this helps and good luck getting out and driving your self around, it helped my depression.

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    anyone know how to raise the front of a 6 way power seat? mine was setup flat and it makes it difficult to sit right.

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