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Thread: FREE WEEK at SCI-Step still being offered

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    FREE WEEK at SCI-Step still being offered

    Hello! We are so excited for spring, the cold weather is almost over!

    In order to clarify the most common question that I get asked daily, I wanted to emphasize the following:

    YES, we are still offering a free trial week (15 total hours with accommodations when available) to anyone interested in participating in our SCI program. It will continue to be a standard part of our program as long as we have openings in the program-but space fills up quickly.

    YES, it is completely free. A deposit is due to hold your spot and given back to you at the end of the week.

    YES, home healthcare and transportation are available for a small hourly rate.

    YES, there are still openings this spring, summer and fall but they are filling up fast.

    YES, you and a friend could do the same week.

    Visit for more information or contact me at for an application.

    Thanks for your support!

    PS-I also encourage those who have taken advantage of the trial week to post about your experience for others to read.

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    The weeks of May 25th and June 29th are still open! Those weeks don't work for you? Let us know what does!!

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    The week of August 24th is open still!!

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    Take advantage of this offer! I went and it was very worthwhile. In fact I liked it so much I go back for a few days when I can.

    You will come away with a lot of helpful information. And you can even get a massage!
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    I'm goin next week. Ohh massage, didn't know about that, sounds good. Let you know how it goes.
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    Great deal anyone who hasn't taken advantage of it should jump on this. I had a great week of therapy unfortunately I have a dislocated hip an I couldn't walk with my kafos... But they hook it up and they have a great team of professionals...

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    there is no doubt in my mind that sci-step could get me to walk again. they were
    wonderful but because they are so far and my son business down so much i just don/t have thefunds

    but open 1 in atlanta i will be knocking on door. sci-step does things like excite you shows you that flicker in muscle can be come more

    michele hows is the jockey doing

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    Thanks for all the great posts! Seeing all of your accomplishments are what keeps us moving forward...

    VLJS-He is doing good and staying focused-I will tell him that you asked about him.

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    Thumbs up Thank you sci-step !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just finished my free trial week in Sci-step (Cincinnati, OH) ! WOW !
    You guys put new fuel in me...Thank you so much !!!

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    Thanks comad! It was great to meet you and hope to see you back in the fall! I updated the site with your videos last night!

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