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Thread: intermittent cath & bladder irrigation

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    intermittent cath & bladder irrigation

    Does anyone do IC and bladder irigation? My urologist has been trying to sell me on it for years and I am desperate enough due to recurring infections to try it. I have had two different nurses from his office give me verbal instructions on how to do the procedure.

    The first nurse just wanted me to put in an antibiotic / saline solution after I cath and leave in bladder until next cath.

    the nurse I saw last week wants me to do 120cc's of solution and plunge it in and out of bladder fairly virgoursly ( using 60cc syringe) to clean off wall of bladder. This method has me concerned it could do more harm than good. I am getting pretty desperate between getting so many infections, rounds of antibiotics and the potential for problems that can come from getting septic or resistant to medications.

    I appreciate any thoughts or shared personal experiences on the matter.
    Thanks, Ches

    This is not from my urologist's site but basically the procedure they want me to do, every other day...

    Bladder Irrigation

    Normal Saline ( or home-made solution of 1 qt water, 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of salt)
    Cath-tip syringe
    Straight catheter (if indwelling catheter is not in place)

    1. Catheterize patient (if no indwelling catheter is present)
    2. Let urine drain out of bladder
    3. Tape catheter to leg (if patient has a stoma attach catheter to abdomen)
    4. Fill cath-tip syringe with normal saline
    5. Insert into rubber end of catheter
    6. Instill saline into bladder by pushing the plunger of the syringe and allowing the saline to flow through the catheter into the bladder.
    7. Pinch off catheter
    8. Unattach syringe
    9. Keeping catheter pinched off with one hand, draw up 60 cc more of normal saline with the cath-tip syringe with the other hand.
    10. Reattach syringe to catheter and release catheter with other hand (so it is no longer pinched off)
    11. Instill saline into the bladder again
    12. Draw back and forth on the plunger of the syringe several times
    13.Draw back with plunger, drawing up instilled saline.
    14.Pinch off catheter
    15. Detach syringe and dispose of saline in syringe into a clean receptacle or sink.
    16. Again attach syringe to catheter and release hold on the catheter
    17. Repeat steps 11-13 until bladder is empty
    Repeat this whole process until drainge is clear

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    We don't do bladder irrigation routinely unless blood is in the urine and I don't know of any research to suggest this helps.. But if you have frequent infections, it might be worth a try.


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    Thanks SCI nurse.

    The urological practice I go to has pretty much said if I don't do it, I don't get antibiotics, so I am going to start irrigation tonight as I begin yet another round of antibiotics for UTI.

    Again, thanks for reply.

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