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Thread: Afraid I was Suckered

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    Afraid I was Suckered

    I found a Permobil C300 on Craigslist of course it sounded like a deal ... elderly man used it for seven months before passing away and then it sat for 2 years. It only needed batteries....
    I went to see the chair, looked in great shape, barely used, not a scratch on it. I paid $500. and another $330 for batteries. I installed the batteries myself and of course it will not run. Joystick shows power and full battery charge. My son who is a computer tech checked each wire, fuse, connection, spent 4 hours on phone w/ service tech. after all was said and done, the seat is the only thing that operates. It goes up & down no problem. no other functions work....

    Has anyone else have anything similar power problems happen?
    Has anyone ever had to pay out of pocket for service, and if so how much did you have to pay out?
    I have a 7 year old Permobil chairman 2k that is wore out. The service people I took that chair to said they would install batteries and service the C300 for $785.00. That included the battery purchase through them. I thought to heck w/that. I'll do it myself. (Insurance and OVR always paid for repairs in the past).

    Now I feel broke and suckered and keep telling myself I shouldn't have bought the damn thing. I swear I live by Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

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    It's probably something simple that someone who was familiar with them could diagnose easily. Don't give up on it.

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    maybe motor brushes?

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    I think if you can get it fixed for the $750 or so quoted price, you still have a deal on your hands. I assume it was sold "as is" so not sure why you feel you were not treated well by the seller. A brand new C300 chair with seat elevation, tilt in space, and recline features (does it have all of this??) will run close to $20,000 if you paid out of pocket, so you are still well ahead of the game vs. paying for a new chair.


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    You have the motors engaged, right? Like, the levers that are on the motors themselves are locked in the proper position?

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    Hope you get everything worked out!! Hopefully someone here has one just like it & you are just doing something wrong.

    I just bought a used Jazzy chair to use outdoors from someone I didn't know & was pretty skeptical seemed too good to be true. $400 mint condition & only 7 months old, but only used for 2. So far so good.
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

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    ...the prev. owner took your controller apart, and TRIED to put it back together.......unplug controller on new chair, set aside...unplug controller from your old chair, plug into new...

    ...........did it work ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthQuad View Post
    You have the motors engaged, right? Like, the levers that are on the motors themselves are locked in the proper position?
    Good point, sometimes even the pro's overlook the easy stuff. Either way, like KLD mentioned, you got an excellent deal even if you have to sink more money into it.

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