My name is Susan and my husband Les suffered a C4 complete SCI on July 16/08. He was just released from Rehab on Feb. 26th.
He still has a lot of pain which his doctor refuses to help with. Whenever he complains, her response is to cut his pain meds yet again. He also has chronic UTI and doesn't go more than a week between infections. He feels "unwell" most of the time. They released him from Rehab without having a family doctor and told him not to come back to see the "spinal cord doctor" until his scheduled follow-up appointment at the end of May.
He is unable to come home because of the space he requires. We rent and cannot modify the house to accomodate his needs. His injury was due to a fall from a bicycle and there is no insurance coverage of any kind. We had to "separate" so that he could qualify for social assistance as there is no way to afford all the things he needs. I work full time and have 2 kids at home (who I almost never see as I am always taking care of Les). His (our) friends are non existant and even his so called best frient has only seen him 4 times since his accident. The only people who visit are me and his mom and it's getting really stressful! We have had no support of any kind and have no one to talk to. I spend a lot of time crying. At least when he was in the hospital (rehab) there were other patients, nurses, attendants (who spoke english) for him to talk to. Now he is in an assisted living apartment and does nothing all day but sit in the same spot alone in front of the TV. There are attendants that are in and out every 3 or 4 hours but most have very limited english and it is hard enough making them understand how to adjust him in his chair properly, let alone try to carry on any kind of conversation. I'm sorry, I have a lot of venting to do. I have never used one of these boards before, or chat room of any kind for that matter, and am not exactly sure how it works. Lets consider this a test.