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Thread: Recent Complete C4 SCI

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    He can take up to 3600 mg of Gabapentin. Cymbalta also helps iwth neuropathic pain and he can take it with Gabapentin.
    Available Rehab doctor?? Pain specialist?


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    Sue, it is frustrating dealing with all this "new Stuff". Talk to someone in your area about
    support,CPA should have been of some help. I hope things start to go better. I only know about waht things go on here in Alberta. I have found that province to province is quite different. So in that respect i don't want to steer you wrong.
    It sounds like you do have a system in place. I know it can be hard dealing with workers who do not understand your instructions. Don't give up, keep at them until they get it right. They are basically being paid by you, so don't be afraid to step up and keep trying.
    Your ot helpless, it just feels that way for now. I hope and pray everything will work out for you and Les.

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    I am sorry you had to join the sci club. I am surprised to hear about your experience with Man. CPA. I know CPA ONT. was a God-send to my family and I...

    The only words of advice i can offer are:
    - Les should drink 3 litres of WATER / day - every day
    - The less meds he can get by with, the better
    - Take care of / watch out for bum and feet. (presure sores)

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    Hi sue, i'm a recovering C5C6 incomplete injury, I can tell you everything your husband les is going through I went through too

    -the insurance
    -the doctors never listening
    -chronic uti (s)
    -so much neck & shoulder main
    -nurses that could barely lift me or understand what i'm saying
    -emotionally feeling hopeless/alone
    -and all the doctors presribing too much medicine making you feel so sleepy & out of it

    I can tell you as bad as it's normal for a sci neck injury.

    My advice for les..

    -drink lots of WATER no fruity or sugary drinks that can cause UTI S
    -try to stretch his legs and arms that WILL help with spacity
    -try to ween him off meds seriously he will feel alot better quicker
    -Make sure to check his skin for redness/possible pressure sores
    -NO antideppresants it will only make him sleepy and out of it
    -also if he is having nerve pain no neurontin it's a heavy narcotic used to treat nerve pain, but it is shown to make people feel suicidal

    *when he gets out of rehab/hospital you should check out it's a rehab for only sci victims using exercised based therapy to help heal

    hope this helps.

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    Sorry to hear you haven't had much luck with the CPA in Manitoba. CPA in British Columbia and Alberta are very active. All branches of the CPA across Canada have seen funding stresses, as have many others nonprofits. The competition for donations from the public has increased with government getting out of helping nonprofits. Unfortunately for the many groups helping with SCI, they don't have a figurehead that has wheeled around the world. RHF Hoovers up a lot of the dollars available for SCI.

    I was at a conference in Winnipeg last March and they have a very active SCI community. The Centre for Disability Studies have some very good resources in their office. Check them out.

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    Guess she got somebody to help.

    I was e-mailing this bladder regime to a friend with chronic UTIs. If you're still out there shotgun the bladder with:

    Vitamin C probably 2.5 gram per day
    K&B formula (K&B stands for kidney & bladder)
    Cranberry capsules, take the recommended amount on the bottle. Same with K&B
    Cystoforce is a sublingual tincture with herbs like K&B

    I also have my "break glass in case of fire" Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula called Ba Zheng San that my acupuncturist prescribes. Any TCM practitioner can help you. The formula is hundreds of years old.

    Life sucks without a healthy bladder.

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    Have you tried pillows or maybe a soft foam padded seat? This would (hepefully) help with the jostling, and might make him more cofortable in general. Plus, try leaving him on the lift pad in his chair - they make them just for this - it could help during those transfers. Good luck & best wishes!

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    He's getting much better care than some I've seen in British Columbia. Here it seems if you're 60+, do not pass go/no rehab for you. Our besieged health care system is rationing rehab.

    A proper seating assessment should protect him from jostling.

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