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Thread: looking to find but not sure where

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    looking to find but not sure where

    Here is the situation. I bought my current wheelchair two years ago and have had problems with it since day one. I am looking to borrow a wheelchair that has a fold down back and fixed feet rest for probably six months.
    I went to the other dealers that sell wheelchairs and they do not rent this type of wheelchair. I do not have any friends that I know use wheelchairs in the area because I am newer to the area.
    Any ideas, anyone?


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    Rigid frame chairs are nearly always custom made, so you would have to find one that has the right measurements for you (seat width and length, dump, down post angle, etc. etc. etc.). They are also generally more expensive, so would not be an ideal rental item for most DMEs who primarily supply the needs of the frail elderly.

    Check out eBay. Rigid frame chairs are often for sale used there.

    Why can't you use the chair you bought?


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