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Thread: Getting bowel and bladder back

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    Getting bowel and bladder back

    Hi - Does anyone have experience with actually getting their bowel and bladder back to normal - or at least close to normal?

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    I wish, it has been almost 3 years for me!

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    have you recovered you bowel and bladder functions?

    i wish mine were back!
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" ~ edmund burker

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    Me. And close enough to normal you won't hear me complaining.

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    I have it all back. I am lucky

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    tmaz, how long after injury did u get them back

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    It was around 3 months.

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    I got my bladder back about 1 year after injury. I had to get off of all incontinence medication to be able to fully void. My bladder is not perfect. I have an overactive bladder so i pretty much have to get to the bathroom as soon as i get the urge but it's great not to have to cath. i think my bowel returned about 3 years after my injury.

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    I learnt the tapping method from my roommate in the hospital (nurses were showing her, not me..... so she just taught me).
    Since then, I void fairly normally... but like JennyB, I have to find a washroom fairly quickly after I get the urge.... or else I start getting AD symptoms.

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    Red face Getting bowel and bladder back

    In October 09 it will be 2 years for me and still no return

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