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Thread: No Excuse for Abuse and Neglect

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    No Excuse for Abuse and Neglect

    We would really appreciate if you guys could view this brochure, "No Excuse for Abuse and Neglect" and give us feedback. Please see below the press release and link to the brochure. Thank you!

    News Release

    United Spinal Association Exposes Rampant Abuse and Neglect of Women with Disabilities

    (Jackson Height, NY, March 13) – Results from a nationwide survey released by United Spinal Association ( found that 33 percent of women with spinal cord injuries and disorders have experienced neglect of health care needs, while 20 percent reported having experienced threats of physical injury and being denied use of a mobility aid.

    The survey was conducted by United Spinal’s Women Without Limits advisory committee––created to advocate on behalf of women with disabilities and ensure adequate health care and protection of civil rights.

    In light of these alarming statistics, United Spinal recently published a Women Without Limit’s brochure titled No Excuse for Abuse and Neglect. The brochure offers women with disabilities useful tips and information on avoiding domestic and caregiver violence, such as never hesitating to call 911 if you are fearful for your life; talking to a counselor, psychologist, social worker, or therapist; and removing yourself from abusive and neglectful relationships and settings.

    “Our survey and further statistics revealed that abuse towards disabled women is appalling. Women Without Limits committee hopes that the creation of this brochure will empower abused women to recognize their situation and be aware of the resources around them. Another goal is to educate others of unacceptable behavior so we can all work together to bring dignity and respect to each and every women,” said Wendy Crawford, chair of United Spinal Association’s Women Without Limits Advisory Committee and founder of .

    “It was so exciting to compile the survey results and finally find out what exactly disabled women needed so as a committee, we could begin addressing those issues. We all deserve a voice and United Spinal has given thousands of women that opportunity,” Crawford added.

    To download a free PDF copy of No Excuse for Abuse and Neglect brochure, please visit

    About United Spinal Association
    United Spinal is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization formed in 1946 by paralyzed veterans and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Americans with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, ALS and post polio. It has played a significant role in writing the Americans with Disabilities Act, made important contributions to the Fair Housing Amendments Act and the Air Carrier Access Act. Membership is free and is open to all individuals with spinal cord disorders.

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    What about neglect from the system of medical care we have in this country? It is two years after qualifying for SSI or SSDI before a person is able to access regular medical care. That is two long years of neglect and abandonment by a pay to play medical system. Granted everyone deserves to be paid for their work, but no one deserves to suffer needlessly until they can qualify for Medicare benefits as they often do under the current system of care. Many doctors in my state will not see medicaid patients. They don't have to.

    Yes, people are at risk for domestic violence and abuse and neglect from within their own homes and I am as troubled as anyone would be by this. But there is assistance out there for those who reach out for help. There is no such safety net for the government sanctioned and mandated medical neglect (which is abuse in my opinion) occurring every day to every person left without resources after catastrophic injury and no support system of private health insurance.
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