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Thread: Mobile standing frames?

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    Mobile standing frames?

    Transferring for me has become a real nightmare, and I will plead soon for comprehensive advice to try to make my life work, but in the meantime I'm wondering if anyone knows of frames that will stand you up and move you around the house. I found this one about which I still have to call, but are there others? I need it to be able to go sideways to get into my bathroom, and able to go over for threshold. That company also has an elevating toilet seat, about which I have posted before.

    Liz321 introduced me to the Sure Hands lift, which looks like another option for changing my life:

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    Are you looking for a standing frame for standing for long periods or a transfer device? I would recommend looking at a wide variety of ceiling track lifts (not just the SureHands) if you are inclined in that direction. There are many new ones on the market now and pricing is pretty competitive. Check out Waverly Glen, Guldmann, and Barrier Free at least.

    If you are looking for a device to transfer you, you would have the option of a mobile floor lift such as the Hoyer Advance, Arjo MaxiLift, Molift Smart or LikoLite which are all designed for home use and fold up compactly for storage. They are not as safe for caregivers as a ceiling track lift, esp. if there is any carpet or thresholds to cover though.

    There are also semi-stand-up lifts such as these, but you need to be sure that any osteoporosis you have will tolerate the weight bearing (if you have not been standing all along). These are just some examples (there are many brands). They also have the issue of carpet and thresholds and many will not go through a really narrow bathroom doorway:


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