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Thread: Aussies: Help with EZY-AS stocking applicator

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    Aussies: Help with EZY-AS stocking applicator

    I am looking for one of our Australian members to help me get one or more of these devices and ship or otherwise get to the USA:

    If you are willing to help, please PM me.


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    not sure where the guys get them locally, but i can ask.
    i do know that staff over here found that they aren't particularly useful for SCI patients. they seem to be very difficult to use for those with no lower limb movement. at least that's what i think was the problem. i do know the physio department in spinal have nicknamed them the 'not so easy as'

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    Ezy-As USA

    I have good news for you.
    If you visit not the .com site you will see that I am European, and USA distributor.
    On Buy now tab you can get full USA price for delivery in $.

    I hope this helps

    Please contact me if I can do anything at all to help.

    Paul Moore

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    Just read mc.mitch reply.

    I am a nurse and I have sold compression socks for last 4 years, I have seen increased pressures owing to Government Intervention (NICE - UK). There are now numerable problems with donning socks due to this.
    I have researched all applicators/Donning devices and I find this the best that is why I took on distributorship.
    I have Physios/OT's/Nurses/Carers using them here and you can see testimonials on NEWS tab of my website that they love them.
    I don't know wether this person has had training to use them properly or wether they have actually used or seen device, but it is easy to be critical of something on hearsay.

    As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
    Paul Moore

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    actually i used to work at the SCI rehab centre and i still have regular contact with the staff there.
    so my comments aren't based on heresay and i recently discussed this issue with some of the senior physios at the centre. certainly they aren't used on the SCI ward, but i do believe they are used by a very small percentage in other wards of the rehab unit.
    it was actually the spinal physios that have nicknamed them the 'not so easy as'

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    Thanks. I will order some so we can try. There are no decent devices at all available for this in the USA and I will try one both for my mother and pass on to our OTs to see if we want to try them at work. This was recommended to us from an Australian ergonomics expert.


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    Any more info on this?

    I was just about to buy this for my husband, but now wondering since he has no leg strength.

    Did anyone try it? Any further insights?

    As far as purchasing, they're now available on Amazon and elsewhere for U.S. customers.


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    In case someone else comes across this thread, just wanted to note that my husband (T-8 para, no leg strength at all) uses these to put on his compression socks. Works fine for him.

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    Yes, they have a USA distributor now. I purchased one for my mother and her caregivers like it. We are also considering this new device to evaluate how well it works. Anyone tried this??


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    Ezy-as ABC Applcators now available in the USA


    I wanted to let you know that the Ezy-as Stocking Applicator is now available in the USA. Please go tou our Website

    Please contact us


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