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Thread: nyc area ADA /employment lawyer needed

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    nyc area ADA /employment lawyer needed

    i am having a problem at work after returning from a on the job accident at Verizon. i am now permanently partial disabled due to the back injury, technically i suffer from cauda equine syndrome as a result of the injury /surgeries.
    i limp walk with out a cane, and have bladder and sometimes bowel difficulty, but can perform quite a bit of my previous job functions, i am a cable splicer for Verizon. i was accommodated for the first year i returned to work and was giving a light duty assignment within my splicer job duties. now the local management has pulled me out of that assignment , saying it was to easy for me! and has been assigning me harder and more demanding work, that is contrary to what the independent medical examiner has recommended. i have 23 years there an employee. my doctor says i should seek out a lawyer immediately as he believes they are in violation of the law for their recent actions. but am having a hard time locating this type of attorney .. oh a good one too!

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    Wouldn't the place to turn for this be your union?

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    I am wondering if you could transfer to a less demanding position within Verison to maybe something like a center tech or CO tech? I am assuming that you are CWA, is there a provision for changing job titles with CWA/Verison with the appropriate in-house training? Good luck from a fellow phoney co. (SBC).

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    Hi, just a quick google search found the following sites. There are few laywers in Carecure, so Im sure they would be a great resource for you. Good Luck!

    The Council for disability Rights:

    New York Laywers for the Public Interest:

    Disability Law Center:

    Disability Lawyers (find by zipcode) NY
    Disability Rights Practice Area:

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    transferring into a co technicion would seem to be the best choice and move, i could perform those duties without restrictions. however we are surplus central office technician in our area, 6 months ago they forced cot with 23 years service outside to field technicion jobs, which is my title. my local cwa union hasnt been exactly fantastic so far with the handling of this, they are obligated to represent me however i want to know what records to keep , so if they fail to do their job effectively , than they too will be liable . i believe the local managenment has already started a pattern of harrasment by removing me from my previous light duty assignment, because "it was to easy"

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