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Thread: Replacement for Mandelamine

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    Replacement for Mandelamine


    Has anyone been able to find a replacement for Mandelamine that is still being sold? At least in our area Mandelamine & Hiprex have been discontinued. I read other threads on here that address the issue of the drug being discontined but I couldn't find anything regarding a replacement that is still being made.

    My husband has had chronic UTI's since the med was stopped so any advice for a similar treatment would be greatly appreciated.

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    We live in Carlsbad Ca and just started taking hiprex and were able to get it at the local CVS on El Camino Real just last week. Hope that helps!!!!!

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    try generic methenamine mandelate. however, research is inconclusive that is reduces incidence of uti. plus i read that the breakdown products, formaldehyde, could be long term irritating to the bladder and a possible cause of difficult to diagnose pelvic pain syndromes such as interstitial cystitis.

    i stopped it months ago. so far, none worse for the wear

    will start again if needed, but i need to see a worsening in uti's 1st.

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    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Is a firm believer in Mandelmine but I have been using Hiprex for the past 6 months at least.
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    injecting is way better for your body. but imo opinion its the only safe way

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    I have no problem getting hiprex.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I will call CVS in my area and see if they can get it. We usually use Walgreens and I had also checked with Rite Aid but neither of them could get the Hiprex. Thanks for the tips....and the advice. Shawna

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    Anyone having trouble getting oxycodine? Last few months I have.
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    I have been able to get Hiprex but was recently told that a generic is no longer available and would result in brand name prices being charged. I may look online when my supply runs low, maybe

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