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Thread: Quantum 6000z questions

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    Quantum 6000z questions


    My husband is looking for a new wheelchair and the Quantum 6000z was recommended to us by a dealer. I was wondering if anyone on here had actual experience with the chair and could answer some questions for us.

    1. Can this chair climb a curb and if so how big of one? His current Permobile will barely go over a 1-2" lip which has been a problem in the past.

    2. What is the ride like with this chair compared to a front wheel drive chair?

    3. Is this chair reliable?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have a Quantum 6000 but not the new Z. Mine is just over a year old and I read some of the info. on the new one and can't tell any differences. I absolutely love mine. It's very fast but very torque'y. Having all six wheels on the ground makes for a very smooth ride and great in braking. I have a lot of inclines at my house and the battery life is excellent! I don't have any curbs to go over but not many chairs tackle them well. Going straight on I can handle a 3'' rise and going at an angle probably another inch or two. I have never had a front wheel drive but these mid-wheels will turn a 360 in it's own space. Great for tight hallway turns.

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    I also have the Quantum 6000 (not Z) and find it a reliable and comfortable chair. I would not attempt curbs in it though, but maybe I am just a wimp. I also love the fact that it turns in it's own radius.

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    I also have a q 6000 and its pretty robust and could easily climb a 2'' lip and more if you hit it right. I drive mine really hard and off road and it does great.

    the Z is the medicaid striped down version the rear suspension made different shape and out of aluminum instead of steel. Most everything else is the same, I THINK it still has the 4 pole motor, which I think is important for powering over non standard surfaces. I've never tried a Z but ran into a guy with one and he Absolutly loved it, as far as chairs insurance pays for this ones pretty darn good.


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    Thanks for the info

    It is good to get some first hand input on this chair. I think we will try and get a test drive scheduled for my husband. Right now the Medicare approved the Permobile 300 but we wanted something the would handle off road stuff (and hopefully curbs) a little better.

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