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Thread: spinal cord stroke in c-pine

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    Unhappy spinal cord stroke in c-pine

    Does anyone out there been diagnosed with this? I need to know what your symptoms are. What I have read on internet does not match mine at all and I am questioning the validity of this diagnosis.
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    Judy, welcome to our forums. I removed your private e-mail address. It is not wise to post this on a public forum. Members can contact you on the Private Message function we have here.

    You may want to review these past discussions of spinal cord stroke here:

    Also, you may want to read Dr. Young's article about spinal cord circulation here:

    Tell us about what happened to you. Spinal cord stroke can present in a fairly wide variety of ways depending on the cause and location of the stroke.


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    I had a spinal stroke at C5-7 in 1992. Started with extreme pain in the elbow bends and over 3 hours numbness and paralysis descened to my feet. I needed intubated for 10 days or so. Never loss light touch, vibratory or propriosensation.

    What doesn't fit Judy? And did you find a cause? Mine is still "unknown".
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    my symptoms and cause

    I do not have paralysis and I did not have anything but burning and swelling in my feet that came on suddenly. Over the past 3 years, pain, numbness, tingling, burning, leg pain and muscle spasms have become so intense I have spent most of my time in bed since last Sept. I was recently diagnosed with the stroke in March after all these years of Dr. hopping and wrong diagnosis. Apparently, this is the result of a a serious fall 2 yrs prior to onset. Took that long, apparently, for the scar tissue to become large enough to cause the stroke. I also have leg jerks and sometime full body jerks in evening. They don't prevent me from going to sleep though. Do you have any suggestions for presc. meds? I need to get on something other than Neurontin as it is causing the leg muscle spasms to be worse.

    Thanks so much for your reply.,

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    article url you suggestion I read

    It went to a page that said "read article but it just came back to same page. What am I doing wrong?


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    Judy, I again removed your private e-mail address. It is not wise to post this on a public forum. Members can contact you on the Private Message function we have here.

    Because you are using Web-TV you may not be able to access all parts of our site. Any way you can get access to a real computer, such as at a friend's home or the public library???


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    sue- are you crippled completely? It seems you have alot of function, and alot to be thankful for

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