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Thread: Scott pruett---------holla

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    Quote Originally Posted by duramater View Post
    I will post pictures from the big day tomorrow night or Sunday if I cannot stay awake!!
    I won't see you there Mary. Scott said I can't wear my CAMO sportcoat
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    Best wishes to both of you!!!!
    Be yourself!!!
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    Congrats and my best wishes .
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    Hope your day went beautifully. Congratulations.

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    An absolutely BEAUTIFUL Wedding!!

    I was in the church to see Scott and Sarah married yesterday. It was a lovely service! I had a hard time not weeping and was choked up every time I looked at this lovely young couple.

    There were so many people there, that it was hard to take pictures so I could really see them. Sarah is a beautiful bride, and Scott looked dashing!
    I get to take them to the airport tonight and send them on their way, and that is the biggest honor of all.

    I am sure Scott will have a bazillion pictures later.


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    Ha. Thanks Mary (and everyone else).

    It was indeed a beautiful day. Between 325-350 people showed up. Yes, we have a bazillion photos + hopefully some video. It's gonna take some time to get together though.

    Sarah & I just arrived back in the states from our honeymoon cruise this a.m... was a great time & rather relaxing. Highly recommended if you've never been on one.

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    I'm glad it was good. Congrats Bud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    It was indeed a beautiful day
    Congrats! May your marriage be as joyful as your wedding day.


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    Congrats again!!

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