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Thread: Scott pruett---------holla

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    Ummmm, for future marital bliss as well as for the honeymoon, I strongly suggest you go "unplugged"
    And you can get hit with incredible international roaming fees even in ports like Miami until you are away from the ship and terminal. Do let the ship's photographer get as many pics of you as possible since you only buy what you want and they shred the rest. Might want to ask for some candid time ones outside of the restaurant shots. If you're on the ship I think you'll be on they also do these cool packages of all black or all white clothing in B/W. Those may cost you.

    Have a wonderful wedding and marriage. Yep, it's not a race; it's a marathon. Pace yourself.
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    All the best to you.

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    Congrats to a happy couple
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    So many congrats and best wishes to you and Sarah. I don't want to wait that long for pictures, but I suppose I will have to. I've been enjoying the countdown pics. Sarah is so photogenic.

    What are the wedding colors?
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    Congrats to the both of you!

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    Good luck on separate bank accounts.

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    Congratulations, Mr. Pruett, and soon to be, a Mrs. Pruett! Have a wonderful cruise!

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    For you two.

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    Congratulations and best wishes to you both.
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    Health and happiness to you both!

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