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Thread: Looking for advise on voiding

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    Looking for advise on voiding

    Hello all I am looking for assistance concerning voiding from the bladder. I self-catherize and just started to void when upright but not when getting up from laying down. I had my urine cultured and it was negative along with the function test on my kidneys and I has urodynamics test down a month ago and my numbers were reaaly good 12 pressure at 500cc. I started leaking a few days ago at 200cc and I am urinating more but the doctor has no idea why. If anyone has a suggestion or a common situation could you let me know.

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    You don't say how long you have been injured or what your level of injury is. That would help with my answer. Do you have spasticity or not? If you do, how do you manage that.
    Let me know and I can give you a better answer than without the information.


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    sorry c7 and I have been injured for 18 plus years and take ditropan xl. I have spasms in fact I usually can hod about 300cc before I feel the urge to go but now it's at 200cc and sometimes I void at that level. The pressure is very uncomfortable
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