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Thread: Dr. Wise; Laboratory Grown Bladder

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    This is another good reason to quit smoking on the other side of things C3 complete quad is one of the few things I do enjoy. You tell me six months or one year from now there will be a repair 4 sci I will never have another cig, a friend of mine had pancreatic cancer, did not smoke for 20 plus years was not drinking neither, really started all over again figured might as well enjoy something while he had time. I have a neurogenic take one pill press X 4 makes a big difference, but still get chronic utis, with a super pubic, that's what's going to kill me. We still need a cure 4 sci but how do you make the bladder expand? Otherwise we could be walking but still have a leg bag.

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    GROWING BLADDERS: progress?

    Hi all

    wondering whether anyone knows what is happening with the Tengion clinical trial to grow bladders for patients with SCI and use them in augmentations. I had been following this online, and it was at a stage 2 trial.Last year the company went into bankruptcy but was bought out by some staff.

    Does anyone know results and if/when we will know whether it is a viable option. Understand it doesnt restore function but an augmentation using own bladder cells rather than bowl which produces mucus sounds appealing. I'm facing choice of suprapubic or augment & mitro to self cath- but seems shame to not try and find out where this research is at as it started over 10 years ago and the internet has stories of people living with these bladders.



    Anyone else interested in progress on this?
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    Yeah that's huge!! Like ive just come to head that having an SP cath for over a decade, which I have, is pretty much SOLID case of developing cancer there...n I've been noticing weird things, perhaps <hopefully not> pre-cursors to it..
    The brute protocol's after make me lean interest to this..
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    Tengion bankruptcy? Heard they didn’t have a pot to piss in,or bladder to piss from(?)
    I’m in my lucky 13th year of having a sp tube. Hated it from moment I got it. Now I can just await the big C.

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