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Thread: Is this a pressure sore?

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    I hate the PRAFOs but I agree, it's so hard to keep pressure off of it otherwise.

    Cali, It's not swollen or raised at all, but it feels hard if I press on it.

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    There are different kinds out there. We use a couple 1) L'Nard splints, and then we also use a Roylan product that is like a big blue muckluc sp.. I don't doubt they suck to wear - warm, limit you ability to Ily move.

    I know many skin specialists would advise against this but I have had patients who don't have the money to buy splints or PRAFOs so they place their calfs up on a stack of pillows while laying face up on their bed so that the heels are COMPLETELY free (by several inches) of pressure from the bed. Not ideal but better than nothing. You just need to make sure and stretch well in the morning so that you don;t lose ankle, knee and hip range of motion.
    Again last resort but better than the alternative. I am sure SCI Nurse would concur that this is not ideal for a variety of reasons, but again float the heels to relieve the pressure.

    Take Care, Pam OTR/L

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    Placing the heels on a stack of pillows is not ideal for all the reasons stated above, but it is a way to keep the pressure off of the heels. If you really can't stand the PRAFO's or can't stand them all the time, try floating the heels. It might be a little more tolerable.

    Please watch it carefully and if any of the symptoms that KLD spoke about appear- get yourself to your doc as fast as you can!


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    Don't mean to hijack your thread but I have something that looks very similar to this but thought it was a callous now after seeing your picture starting to have different thoughts. I don't have prafo or whatever it was called so what would be the best thing for me to use at night to keep pressure off the area. What about those fake sheepskin protectors? I have tried sleeping with a pillow under my ankle but end up moving during the night and wake to find my foot laying flat. My callous/sore is more to the side of the heel and is not mushy or swollen. I have only had one pressure sore and that was 37 years ago when I was first injured (T-8 para) and in the hospital (they didn't bother to turn me) so I really don't know how to care for one.
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    You can try to use the fake sheepskin protectors, but make sure that you elevate that heel off of the bed- Can you lay prone so that the heels don't touch the mattress? Also, make sure that you don't wear shoes especially if your feet swell. If you have any spasticity, make sure that the feet don't rub against anything including the heel protectors on your wheelchair.


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    I can't lay prone but can use pillows to keep my heel off the mattress but like I said my leg comes off the pillow during the night. Guess I will buy some type of heel protector to wear to bed Hate the thought of not wearing shoes my foot won't stay on the foot pedals and I can just see me smashing my toes on doorways or my dogs constantly trying to lick my toes lol. Maybe I can cut the heel out of a pair of old shoes or buy some sandals with a strap. I go to my PCP Saturday so will see if he thinks its a pressure sore or deep tissure sore. Thanks for the response.
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    Zero, How is your heel doing?

    I had this similar looking thing on my toe, that I finally got to see for myself last Thursday. It's a lot more disturbing when you see it, than when your nurse just mentions it!

    So I went to the doctor Friday. Before I show you the "after" picture, I'd like your diagnosis. Is it a DTI? I've never had any other pressure sore in 23 years of SCI. But this is my third time with this one spot. It seems to come back every 6 months. I bought bigger, softer shoes last time, but it apparently didn't help.

    What do you think, nurses?
    (I'm assuming I'm not hijacking the thread if Zero's issue is resolved.)
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    My spot is definitely a pressure sore, as SCI Nurse indicated. There's been no change, which I guess is a good thing since it hasn't broken open or anything. I've been doing a combination of wearing a PRAFO, elevating it with pillows, and sleeping on my side to keep pressure off it.

    Interesting, your spot looks the same as mine, a dark patch ringed with lighter skin. I guess we know what to look for, eh?

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    if sci wasn't involved, it would look like an old blood blister to me.
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    I have had a couple heel sores like that. For me, the cause turned out to be the mattress or other leg at night when in bed. Since I started putting a pillow under the bottom one and a foam pad between my lower legs, I have never had as much as a red spot.
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