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    Has anyone had MRSA in their sinuses? I had this several years ago and I am now starting to get sinuses infections again.. I am taking antibiotics , but there was a nasal rinse that my Dr . gave to me years ago ( which I lost) it had me mixing Boric Acid and boiled water to irrigate my sinuses with.. Anyone know of this?

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    How do you know you have MRSA in your sinuses? Why are you taking antibiotics, and which ones?

    I would not advise anyone to put boiling water up their nose. I have seen nothing that would indicate that sinus irrigations with any solution would have any effect on an MRSA infection.

    Do you have a spinal cord injury? Since your profile is blank it is unclear why you are posting here.


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    My mom had it recur in her nose repeatedly. She got lymphoma and it spread, it kind of devoured her scalp. They did oral antibiotics, IV antibiotics, over and over. Finally she switched doctors. The new one insisted that an ointment be put in her nose-thoroughly-3 x dly. And he called the nursing home to follow up too. She's been mrsa free ever since.

    I don't think it has to be a real harsh ointment, but it has to be done regularly and thoroughly until the cultures come back clean. No guessing!

    I don't know about the boric acid. This website says the ointment = mupirocin 2%. This is a GREAT site for your needs imo:

    Good luck.

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