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Thread: ? - Is anyone here in a chair part time?

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    Question ? - Is anyone here in a chair part time?

    I am still new here and hope this is the correct place to post this question at.

    I have a "dilemma" of sorts ( if you care to read it, it is posted here )

    This dilemma brings a question to mind - is anyone here in a wheelchair part time? If so please explain why.....

    This question is not for nosy reasons lol - I hope it will help me with my decision.

    By part time - I don't mean that the other times, you are in bed or something.

    Maybe my question should be - can anyone here walk but still uses a chair part time? Sorry if I was not correct in my wording....

    Thanks in advance

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    I am locking this and encouraging members to respond in the message you linked above. We discourage posts of duplicate topics in various forums by members. Keep it all in the same thread.


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