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Thread: Any sci's in Florida?

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    Any sci's in Florida?

    thinking about relocating from MA to FL. I am set up in mass with a very good pca program that pays pcas for daily needs. does FL have any programs similar for sci/quads? if anyone has any info or can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. thanks


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    Friends of mine in FL tell me that it is VERY hard to get approved for PCA services, and even harder to get them in FL. One of them moved there and ended up spending 6 months in a nursing home because you could not get attendant care. Apparently the number of frail elderly in the state puts a lot of strain on that system. I would want to do a lot more research before moving there and assuming that you can get PCA care.


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    KLD is correct, it is very hard to get PCA care in florida(not impossible though). I live in florida and i can attest to the fact that the medical system in florida pales in comparison to that in most states. I would think long and hard before I made that move.

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    I live in Florida and I'm currently the leader of a group called SCION. (Spinal Cord Injury Outreach Network) We have several members who are quads that live in the Largo and St. Petersburg areas. I will see if I can get their contact information for you. I believe living down here is good if you're a veteran because of all the programs. The VA Hospital here in Tampa is one of the best in the country I hear.

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    hey Xynapse-I didn't realize ya lived here! I spend a lot of my time in Sarasota &/or Port Charlotte these days...

    James-Thanks again for the scooter! it's helped my sis tremendously! She just had steroid shots in her back & is seeing improvement...we're still an entertaining pair

    J1234-From all accounts, getting PCA services funded here in FL seems to be quite difficult...I personally don't have any experience in that realm, so can't offer any direct guidance...FL has it's pro's and con's...
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    I have lived in tampa all of my accident-post life and I get great care
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