I'm a mid level para...right?

Well...for some reason, people INSIST on holding the door for me, whenever, whereever. And it PISSES me off!

Why? Well...when I go into the public washrooms, they aren't sensitive to the fact that I can only use the stall with the big doors on them..that's where they go to defecate on company time.

And when they park, they see no problem with parking coccide, or too close to each other. Or even better, ON THE RAMP, so I have to pop a curb to get to work!

Anyway, I had had a runnin with my boyfriend one day, and I was annoyed. so when somebody tried to hold the door I smiled and said "please don't hold the door for me thanks"

So was I insensitive? People just don't GET IT. if they REALLY want to help, use the stall with the small DOOR ON IT! idiots