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Thread: McDuff's new ZRa pics and thoughts

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    Looks like all the ingredients are there, McDuff, but I agree that your access to the pushrim is limited.

    Because you have the J3 back on the back posts, your effective COG is about 1-1.5" less than your actual spec because the J3's shell is about that far in front of the back posts.

    I need to preface what I'm about to say by cautioning that very small adjustments on a titanium cantilevered frame can have a big impact on stability, so be careful. That said, I would get out the ol' 10 mm wrench and get that J3 back moved all the way back in the bracket and lower the back posts so they don't catch your axilla (I imagine you're probably planning on doing that already).

    While you have a low thoracic level of injury, a little more seat dump would help get the pushrims closer without having to move the rear axle further forward (which would have more of an effect on the chair's stability).

    It appears a good orientation would be to have the tires about 1/2-3/4" below the edges of those nice looking cf side guards. As a rule, the tips of your index fingers should be at about the center of your hubs.

    Looks like a great start. Those green anodized Frog Legs soft rolls would look good (TiLite's 1.5" wide "poly" tire is actually the composite hub version made by FL's).


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    This morning I called the store where I ordered my ZR has arrived in Italy next week apple delivery not wait ... then I make you see the pictures on the beautiful green of ZRA McDuff's

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    pimp my ride. looks great. enjoy rep
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    Thanks folks, Irish pimps Rule.

    Acientgimp - yeah the chair was ordered with BR at 89 degrees. First tweak was to take the BR back some to compensate some, still at ~90. My last setup was more laid back too. So yeah, will get BR right first before changing COG.

    Random - well thank you. I'm a poet and didn't even know it. Hate the front shot of me though, shows how fat I am. Partly blaming Lyrica, started it ~2months ago, weight has packed on since. May have to get off it.

    NQ - yeah the 85 is tight, but I sure can swivel easier in tight spots. I am real glad I got the extra inch on the frame, can't imagine how tight it would be if I hadn't. I think my old chair was 80, and my feet were always catching something on a swivel, now if knees clear, feet do too.

    Hunker - yes the armrests can either swivel out of the way, or you can pull them off. The sideguards pull off too. My old chair had swing away footrests, so to transfer I had to remove them and remove the combo armrest/sideguard, lots of parts to put somewhere. Now I swivel armrest and remove sideguard, just one loose piece.

    Stefano - you ordered green too? You will like it.

    SCI_OTR - I agree, all the ingredients are there. MOSTLY because of all that I learned from my order thread from you and all the other experienced users here. Thanks All, it made a difference.

    Yes the J3 is forward, this is even after I had them move it back before pics were taken. I will have to watch out, my inside knees are almost against the seat fabric now. Maybe I can move the seat sling back too. It's kinda weird, I had like 2 fingers between knees and seat on old chair even sitting back more.

    Yep, planning on dropping the back posts, some more, I thought they would be lower than this the way I ordered. A little tricky though, if I want to make use of the folding push handles, I have to leave room for them to fold down. But I think I can do with the backrest being lower, it is still an inch or two above my Roho.

    I only have 1.5" of dump, so may increase some. Gotta get used to transferring out if this thing first, got real close to doing a spiral fracture of an ankle I think, because my feet weren't positioned right. whew. Old chair, the footrest were gone so didn't have to worry.

    I will do all my other tweaks first before messing with COG, and then in minor, minor adj's. I even had them spot me for my test run up my ramp, not knowing how it would react.

    One thing I did have them do, add spacers to wheels. Partly because I am heavier, the CF sideguards seem to flex more than the aluminum. Also I got the quadholes in guards to grab easier, the thick rubber grommet sticks out noticably. Between these 2 things, 1" spacing wasn't enough room for my thumb and added 1/4" to each side. Still skinnier than my old chair, so I'm good.

    The pics still had ankle strap and the seat pouch, at least the strap is gonna go. I'll see if I make use of pouch, don't know.
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    Looks great. The legs will feel fine in a bit. Getting a new chair is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. I wish I could get my legs back like that. Being 6'2" long, when I tried that, I could almost rest my chin on my knees. I always say, "if you are going to become a wheeler, it helps to be small and rich."

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    I ordered black McDuff

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    thats a pretty slick chair you got there my man.
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    Thanks Guys.

    Man, it is amazing the difference some small changes can make.

    I took the backrest canes down 3 holes, judging by scratches, the DME had taken them up 2 from factory, to install the backrest. They now clear my shoulders/arms completely on a stroke.

    I moved the backrest hardware from the upper/inner back cane, to the outer sleeve, putting at the very top. Now acts like another clamp for the canes. I then slid the vertical adjustment on the backrest, from the very top, to the very bottom. Worked like a champ, put my backrest at a much better spot, down about 1.5" from before. And the fold down handles clear all hardware, barely.

    Then I slid the backrest back and angled it just a touch, at first too much. Just this movement gives me much better stroke on the wheel. And, my legs are way more comfortable, moving back about an inch relieved some angle I guess.

    Here's a couple new pics:

    Man that was weird. Had to upload these two pics to my main album in Photobucket to get them to show.

    The adjustment saga continues...

    another edit: oh yeah, I dropped the armrests one hole, much better

    yet another edit: this is a 13.5" backrest, to give perspective
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    Nice Chair Buddy! Just like mine!
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