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Thread: McDuff's new ZRa pics and thoughts

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    Thumbs up McDuff's new ZRa pics and thoughts

    Figured I'd start a new thread since it's not on order anymore.

    The only tweaks so far has been to the backrest, which was put on by the DME folks. Don't know of any changes to the chair so far. My big test was being able to go up my van ramp w/o doing a flip, I made it easily.

    I might even tweak the COG a little to make it tippier, but not just yet. Working on getting used to my feet tucked back, it is definitely different. My legs are sending out "wtf" signals, not really hurting, but different.

    Might drop the armrests a notch, they feel a little tall.

    Not sure I like the short tab handrims, the way I used to use them for "fine" movement, meant I grabbed more of the handrim, can't do that easily now. And they're slipperier than the ones on my old Glance wheels. And they are "real" shiny.

    I *love* the shock absorbing of the new 1.5" casters. These are ugly, but man... When I used to roll down my van ramp quickly, and hit the pavement with the casters, it would set off my clonus. These just cuuushhh onto the ground. They do seem to have a little more rolling resistance than the old 1"ers, I mainly notice when I "cut" left/right, it is a slower movement than before. But the good far outweighs this, I can get used to this. Am gonna order some better looking ones from Sportaid though.

    I think changing the COG will help out on the "feel" of where my push stroke is too. This chair feels like the rear wheels are more to the rear than my old chair, even though it had a real front heavy COG. I could grab more wheel on my strokes.

    I got carbon fiber side guards even though I didn't order them.

    I like the green anodizing, it looks better than I was worried about. I think those gold Frogleg casters will look good for the Leprechaun chair.

    Well, that's about it for first impressions, on to the pics:

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    That is one good looking chair! I love the green too (hey, I'm Irish, what can I say?).

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    nice looking chair cool green enjoy
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    Nice look'n chair cuz'n Carl.Congrats.
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    Beautiful chair! I see your back is at 90 degrees. I like a little bit of layback. If you change it chair will be more tippy, so if you are considering a change to backrest you may not want to make cog more tippy yet. I do think those pushrims will be slippery when wet.

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    'Grats on the new scoot! Purrrty. I like that green! Happy rolling! Cheers, Dale

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    should have you zipping around...good to see ya!

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    Nice chair McDuff. I’m also a big fan of green. You’re kind of a cutie too—you’ve got that poet look going. I hope it escorts you well through adventures grand and glorious.

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    Good looking chair, for sure.

    I still haven't even ordered mine. Been trying but hasn't happened. I don't think that's a bad thing though. Because I think I want to go 80 degree front end instead of 85. That 5 degrees makes a big difference I think.

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    Do the arm rest remove and replace? I think the arm rest fold down?

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